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Microsoft Azure: The Top Cloud Platform

When it comes to your ERP software, you have to be extra careful to avoid losing your investment. Making the wrong decision about customizations, vendors or implementation methods could cost you your hard-earned dollars. Another decision you’ll have to make is where to host your ERP. While early enterprise software had to be deployed on site, businesses now have the option of hosting their systems in a number of cloud platforms. 

In our experience, we’ve found that public cloud environments serve as the most affordable and effective option, especially for small and midsize manufacturers and distributors. With Microsoft Azure, businesses of all sizes and across all industries can host their ERP solution on the same cloud platform that powers 95 percent of Fortune 500 companies.   

So why should you host your ERP software in the Microsoft Azure public cloud? Let’s explain.  

Because You Can’t Afford Downtime 

When your on-premise software goes down, it could take weeks to get back up and running, and by then the damage might already be done. Over 90 percent of enterprises that experience downtime for 10 days or more are out of business by the year’s end. The exorbitant costs associated with reviving your servers and hardware as well as the loss of revenue and employee time put your business in a hole that’s hard to dig out of.  

Microsoft Azure not only provides greater protection than on-site software but also exceeds the security of competing cloud platforms. With an SLA of 99.95 percent, it guarantees minimal downtime. Plus, it continues to invest billions in its global datacenter infrastructure, so you can experience rapid recovery and reliability. Azure detects threats before they attack your enterprise, keeping you from experiencing costly downtime.  

Because Other Cloud Providers Don’t Cut It 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Not all cloud platforms are created equal. The cloud platforms created by your ERP vendor are unlikely to have the extensive support and security of Microsoft Azure. Furthermore, executing customizations and third-party integrations on these sub-par hosting environments is an overly complex process. Azure is endlessly customizable and scalable, promoting continuous business growth and improvement. 

Even when faced against other leading cloud platforms, Azure comes out ahead. Azure proves far more cost-effective, offering free extended security updates and reduced rates through existing licenses. Though five times less expensive than Amazon Web Services (AWS), it includes the most certifications and global regions of any cloud provider, fully supporting compliance and international growth. Simply put, Microsoft Azure gives you more bang for your buck.  

Because On-Premise Is So Yesterday  

There was a time when ERP and other enterprise software applications could only be hosted on expensive servers and hardware. With cloud computing, those days are over. Now businesses of all sizes can implement leading systems without investing in high-price infrastructure. Since IT teams no longer have to worry about on-site hardware, software projects are faster and easier 

In addition to saving time and money, cloud software promotes innovation. Cloud computing is essential for connecting devices, equipment and applications all over the world. It’s also required for mobile access and deeper insights. No cloud platform pursues innovation more than Microsoft Azure. Azure includes a full range of AI, machine learning, IoT and knowledge mining capabilities to generate comprehensive insights and drive process automation. Azure can help you build the future of your enterprise.  

Wrap Up 

Microsoft Azure is an industry leader in forward-thinking, reliable cloud hosting. You can’t trust any other cloud platform to host your enterprise software and data. But you don’t just want the top cloud platform—you also want the top software consultants. 

Datix is an Epicor ERP and Kinetic expert with over 24 years of consulting experience. We handle a variety of ERP projects, including hosting your Epicor instance in Microsoft Azure. From start to finish, we implement, manage and improve your cloud ERP. Our high-caliber consultants do whatever it takes to optimize your software investments and keep your solutions up and running. 

Host Epicor ERP in Microsoft Azure to maximize the value of your software. Learn more by contacting Datix today! 


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