Who Should Be on Your Software Implementation Project Team?

WhoShouldBeOnYourSoftwareImplementationProjectTeamBuild Your Software Dream Team

Real-time visibility, process automation, and customer service improvements are only a few of the benefits of implementing enterprise software (ERP, CRM, eCommerce, etc.) But software requires time and resources–one of those resources is people. Software projects require an agile group of team players equipped with the unique skills to carry out your implementation strategy.

Depending on the size of your organization and your project scope, some of your teammates’ roles and responsibilities may overlap. If your project is large in scope and budget, you may find that some roles shrink in definition as each becomes more and more specialized. Either way, you’ll need adequate representation on your software team from each of your organization’s functional departments. Plus, we recommend choosing teammates that have a thorough comprehension of all the parts of the business, not just the one they work in.

So, who needs to be included in your dream team? Keep reading to find out!

Executive Sponsor

Your team’s executive sponsor is high in your organization’s leadership team and should be able to advocate for the project on behalf of your C-Suite and business leaders. This person should be willing to kick off the project and will be an active participant throughout the project’s duration. Additionally, he or she will likely be heavily involved in making large decisions (vendor selection, for example), and can provide support and guidance when difficult decisions arise.  

In short, your executive sponsor should provide the required degree of oversight and governance, ensuring the commitment and enthusiasm for the implementation continues, even as team members deal with nitty-gritty details and challenges.

Project Leader

This person will lead change management within the business at every department and serve as the main point of communication between the business and the project team. This person will be a huge asset because he or she will get everyone excited about the implementation by being accessible and diffusing rumors through a willingness to answer questions.

Your project leader should also be responsible for managing project resources. In this way, he or she should ensure daily activities are carried out and the projected is staying within the parameters of the timeline and budget.

Subject Matter Experts

Your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be the cornerstones of your project. They should provide detailed knowledge about your unique business processes and functionality. For example, if you’re undergoing an implementation project, then your SMEs should disseminate their knowledge on software providers and the development and administration of your systems to everyone who will be using your system.

Technical Experts

The role of the technical experts requires a breadth of technical savvy. These individuals will be essential both during the implementation project and after your ERP is live. Your ERP partner (consultant, vendor, etc.) should work very closely with your tech experts.

Further, your technical experts will likely be heavily involved in the implementation so they can refine the necessary skills and expertise to ensure the software continues working to the best of its ability after the critical go-live date.

Wrap Up

The success of your software project is heavily dependent on your project team. These are the people that will create the plan, strategy, objectives, and much more. This is no small task. If you have questions about who should make up your project team or if you need a hand with your software project, Datix can help!

Our consultants have been implementing exciting software solutions for over 20 years, and we are a one-stop-shop for manufacturing and distribution software. Plus, we will stay with you from your project’s start to finish. We are experts in the business process, so we can align your software to your business!

Ready to get started with your project? Contact us today!  



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