What is Business Intelligence?

Manufacturers have a data problem. Every company has to deal with data, but it can be overwhelming to decipher what the information actually means. In turn, it is impossible to know how to best move your business forward if you are not confident in what your data indicates. Business intelligence (BI) can provide the analysis your organization needs to make informed decisions. Learn what BI can do for your business.

Enter the software tool of your dreams

Business intelligence (BI) software is designed to analyze data and deliver actionable information, so you have the immediate and direct results you’re looking for. With BI, you can break down the most complicated data clusters to their key points and information.

When it comes to data retrieval, BI zeroes in on specific areas based on the search criteria you input. Instead of spending hours attempting to locate important records, the results are instantaneous and immediate.

Depending on what key performance indicators (KPI) you want to measure, BI can track everything for specific results. This includes anticipating potential trends, demand, and customer habits. With BI tools at your disposal, you can bring informed decision-making and planning to your organization.

What BI Can Do

Business intelligence allows companies to move in the right direction. For example, let’s say you’re a manufacturer and you want to determine the viability of your product dubbed “A.” You input your searches into BI, which links to any other software you use, such as an ERP system.

By factoring everything together, the BI tool begins to uncover the key pieces of information you’re seeking.

Within a short time, you uncover that “A” is losing sales with less demand over several previous quarters. In contrast, product “B” is steadily gaining sales, with customers requesting more than you have produced.

While “B” was once neglected, you now see that you have a viable bestseller. The result is the potential to expand your sales and better forecast all potential outcomes.

Rather than making limited decisions based on isolated pieces of information, you can now factor in every element. With BI, you have an unlimited capacity to plan and decide the course to take. If you want the benefits of business intelligence, but don’t know how to add it to your systems, look to Datix. As a business-first consultant, we take the time to learn exactly how your organization works so we can tailor your software solution to your needs. Learn the BI insights that will take your company to the next level by working with Datix.

The ERP Connection

For a BI system to operate fully, it must connect to your other software. Many companies choose to link their BI with an existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ERP solutions allow for a business to better manage and simplify their existing needs, creating a stronger firm.

To connect a BI system with your ERP, Datix can help. With 25 years of experience supporting manufacturers, we are a one-stop shop that can support you with ERP, BI, or even CRM, IoT, or disaster recovery. Gain the key to unlocking your data with Datix.

Wrap Up

Incorporating business intelligence into your processes is exciting and can transform your outcomes. A trusted software consultant makes maximizing BI simple. Datix will work with you every step of the way throughout your software solution. We work with our clients to develop a tailored plan, implement the best solution for your business, and provide support after the go-live date.

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