The Benefits of an ERP with End-to-End Processes

Manufacturers need to be able to complete every step of their business processes smoothly to deliver quality goods and services to their customers. If your software is clunky or unable to support your procedures, then it will hold you back and allow your competition to overtake you in terms of reliability and profit margins. The right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can transform your business with end-to-end processes that will take your organization to the next level. Learn how end-to-end processes change everything for growing manufacturers.

What does it mean to have end-to-end processes?

End-to-end processes (also known as cross-functional processes or value chains) offer complete solutions to business challenges from start to finish. A well-designed ERP can be preconfigured to automatically support projects because they contain multiple functionalities and seamlessly transfer data for complete transparency. For instance, an ERP with end-to-end processing is essential for understanding inventory management. With it, you can see your precise inventory levels, and calculate how often you need to reorder goods. You can see your inventory from a macro or micro perspective, including the complete history of each of item of inventory from the time it was ordered, to when it arrived at your facilities, to where it was storied, to when it was used, and when the product it was used in was sold and delivered.

Collaborate on Shared Objectives

Instead of having your departments and staff work in silos, end-to-end processes allow everyone to work together to objective common objectives. This can happen on the day-to-day level, like when a customer puts in a new product order. In this scenario, your departments will come together to get the order fulfilled: sales submits the order details, production can work on creating the order, purchasing will replenish inventory as needed, finance sends the invoice, and shipping sends the final product by the deadline date.

End-to-end processes also support achieving company-wide goals. It is easy what each person and what individual tasks are contributing. If you want an ERP with end-to-end processes that will support you every step of the way, look to an ERP consultant like Datix. During our ERP solutions, we support our clients throughout the planning, implementation, and beyond. Learn what Datix can do for you.

Analyze Your Business as a Whole

When you can see everything happening at your business, you have the opportunity to see your organization as a whole. Are your most time-consuming activities supporting your larger goals? End-to-end processes give you the ability to see what you are doing that may not be serving you, and how you can simplify necessary workflows. By understanding the interconnectivity of your business processes, you can see how these changes can improve your company for the better. Likewise, Datix takes a business-first approach with our clients so we can tailor our ERP solutions to their specific competitive advantages and challenges. Work with an ERP consultant who knows you, so that your system can support your specific needs and take your business to the next level.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

With end-to-end processes, you can support your customer during every phase of your workflows. The best part is that your ERP can do much of this work for you by automatically sending notification messages to your customers when an order is received and shipped. If you answer your customers’ questions before they need to ask them, then you are being attentive and making it easy to work with you. Your ERP alerts also happen automatically when there are issues with an order (like when a supplier restocking shipment is late), so your team can pivot as needed to uphold deadlines. When customers see that their orders consistently meet quality standards and arrive on time, then that is when you truly gain their trust.

If you need to improve your reliability with customers, talk to the ERP experts at Datix. As a one-stop shop, we help manufacturers gain the best solution no matter what they need by offering ERP, CRM, integration, hosting, disaster recovery services, and more.

Wrap Up

End-to-end processes give you the data transparency and total functionality necessary to revitalize your organization through a new ERP.

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