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Salesforce Einstein AI

What Do You Need to Know about AI?

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”—Albert Einstein

Einstein’s words apply just as well to running a manufacturing or distribution business. To stay upright and balance a multitude of processes, companies need to move forward by staying on top of the latest business trends and technologies. One of the innovations making its way further into manufacturing and distribution is artificial intelligence. Leading the way in AI technology for enterprise software, Salesforce CRM unveiled Salesforce Einstein, a suite of AI tools designed to enhance customer experiences and streamline front-end processes.

Even with the buzz surrounding Salesforce’s solution and increasing implementation of AI technology in the workplace, many businesses remain skeptical of artificial intelligence. Fears of AI stealing jobs and requiring intense computing expertise abound, deterring businesses from taking advantage of innovative tools that would give them a competitive edge. In this piece, we’re asking one of Datix’s CRM experts some of the big questions people have about Salesforce Einstein and AI technology. He explains how the combined powers of Salesforce and AI drive businesses forward.

Salesforce Einstein Q&A

Is AI the future of enterprise software?

Absolutely. I think whenever there’s a form of technology getting a lot of buzz, there is also a wave of skepticism. Manufacturers may say, “Is this really going to revolutionize our industry, or just be another passing fad?” But a lot of experts predict that AI is the future of enterprise software because it makes our technology faster and more intuitive. Researchers have found that sales reps spend less than half their time at work actually selling; artificial intelligence is set to reverse that trend.

For example, with Salesforce Einstein, instead of having your sales representatives sort through all the leads and opportunities, your Salesforce admin can set up lead scoring and opportunity scoring with Einstein to predict which leads and opportunities should be prioritized and have a higher chance of closing. AI is helping workers make smarter decisions that earn their businesses greater revenue.

Is Salesforce trying to steal people’s jobs?

No, Einstein is not out to take your job. That’s a common misconception of artificial intelligence, and I understand where that comes from. Enterprise software can already automate so many processes, and AI will increase automation even more. That causes many people to worry that computers will be able to perform their job functions, rendering their positions obsolete. However, employees still form the core of any business, and experts are actually predicting that AI will lead to an influx of jobs and make our daily tasks more meaningful.

Salesforce’s AI tools are there to assist you with current aspects of your job that are distracting you from company goals. As big data continues to grow, the AI functionality of Salesforce Einstein becomes even more important. It’s impossible for users to organize all of their company’s never-ending datasets into meaningful information that predicts your business’s next move. With Salesforce Einstein, however, tools can predict future patterns from every bit of data in no time. By automating time-consuming administrative tasks and turning information into meaningful reports, Einstein gives users more time to take advantage of this crucial insight to build better customer relationships and drive more sales. Rather than take away jobs, AI helps workers perform better than ever.

How does Einstein amplify sales and marketing practices?

It leverages information you already have to enable smarter decision-making and higher closing rates. Einstein streamlines sales and marketing processes. It takes the manual tracking of customers that we have all become accustomed to and turns it into an automated part of the business. For example, Einstein Activity Capture automatically logs emails and events into Salesforce to eliminate data entry and track sales-related activities.

Einstein Opportunity Insights, another useful feature, predicts whether or not a deal is likely to close and even suggests the next move sales reps should take to increase their likelihood of making a sale. Salespeople and marketers can move away from using general information and techniques to attract an array of customers. With AI, they can now leverage specific data and tactics to focus on individual clients, ultimately resulting in more closed deals.

What does Einstein offer to enhance customer experiences?

Salesforce Einstein helps marketing and sales teams gain crucial insight into the needs of their clients. Computers used to have trouble interpreting language, particularly sarcasm or complex wording. Einstein Intent can now make sense of the data you already have on your customers in Salesforce CRM by identifying the intentions of customer inquiries. This feature improves the process of routing leads, personalizing marketing campaigns and prioritizing customer service inquiries. Essentially, AI makes it easier for customers to get the services and products they want, when they want it. 

Wrap Up

In our ever-evolving marketplace, no manufacturer or distributor can afford to ignore the latest enterprise technology. To keep moving, businesses should check out the innovative AI tools in Salesforce Einstein.

Still, making changes and implementing new technology is nerve-racking, right? When you’re entering the unfamiliar territory of enterprise software or artificial intelligence, mitigate risk by teaming up with the experts. Datix is a certified Salesforce partner that knows all about Einstein. We can educate you on the capabilities of Einstein and the new functionality that continues to come out. We can also help you integrate Salesforce and Epicor seamlessly using our flagship integration solution, Unity. By combining the power of Salesforce and Epicor, your enterprise will gain even more insight from data, streamlining business processes and increasing profits.

Capturing the full functionality of Salesforce Einstein is possible when you work with the software geniuses at Datix. Contact us today to learn how we can offer CRM and enterprise software solutions that make your workplace smarter and more efficient!


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