Is Prophet 21 ERP Right For Your Business?

Prophet 21 ERP Implementation for Distribution

Prophet 21 ERP was specifically built with an emphasis on distribution and inventory management, and thus is aimed primarily at those corporations that work within and target vertical markets in specialized industries and businesses. It operates on the often-familiar Microsoft platform and MySQL server agility for customization to your unique business processes and needs.

A Prophet 21 ERP implementation will allow your company to increase productivity without increasing team size by keeping tabs on inventory, automating the control of warehouse and inventory channels and allowing your back office the agile monitoring tools required to reduce cost and increase efficiency and innovation within your organization. The Prophet 21 ERP distribution suite creates a single source of truth for all your warehouse processes and applications like order managing, resource transportation and purchasing, and the all-important inventory management tools that you will need to keep a tight grip on distribution.

Knowing When Prophet 21 ERP Is Right For Your Company

If you own a business that serves a specialized customer base, or if you are looking for an enterprise management application mostly focused on distribution, then Prophet 21 ERP Larger Epicor ERP suites may then in fact be far too expansive, and expensive, for your operations. In that case, Prophet 21 ERP is well equipped for a business primarily focused on distribution and its related aspects. However, that’s not to say that a Prophet 21 ERP implementation won’t provide you with the wide-ranging tools you’ll need to address all the challenges facing a distribution business in the modern and constantly changing world of technology and manufacturing.

Prophet 21 is also now available as a cloud hosting option, along with the usual on-premise options. The cloud is often the best available option for growing businesses that are small or mid-market in size; because you don’t have to invest in the middleware and server space required to host such a sizeable piece of software on premise. Cloud hosting will also be a benefit for businesses who may not have a large IT department or the resources to support more team members required for the maintenance and upkeep of an on-site Prophet 21 ERP implementation.  That’s because cloud services are scalable and managed; you can grow your per-seat subscription along with your business, and only use the seats you need for your warehouse team. You won’t be responsible for upgrades or tech fixes either when it comes to a cloud instance—that’s all part of the vendor’s job. While previously distribution software has been restrictive because of cost and on-site hosting needs; a whole new world can be opened to mid-market companies with Prophet 21 ERP in the cloud.

Navigating A Prophet 21 ERP Implementation

Prophet 21 is not quite as widely employed as Epicor’s larger and more expansive Epicor ERP offering, which means it can be harder to to find help or support when it comes to implementing, working with or customizing the software. Thus, when deciding what to do when it comes to a Prophet 21 implementation, it’s best to have a designated super-user in-house who will be an expert on the platform. If you don’t have a previously trained application expert, you’ll need to think about finding outside help with in-depth experience in the software that can map out your distribution processes and and plan out your instance, and get your staff in the know with the proper training and change management strategy.

Wrap Up

If you’ve decided Prophet 21 is the best option for your company’s ERP software and you’re stumped when it comes to the implementation, training and integration part, contact one of our experts at Datix today. We have over 18 years of ERP consultation experience, along with an endless amount of Prophet 21 implementations and integrations under our belt. We can lend a helpful consultation and advice no matter what stage your Prophet 21 ERP project is in!

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