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Epicor zone BAQ

Epicor® recently released and update to Epicor® 905 that included some very cool new features. One called Zone BAQs I just started playing with and thought it was worth blogging about. A Business Activity Query or BAQ is a user definable query of data in Epicor® somewhat like SQL.

Basically a Zone BAQ displays data in a tool tip. This data can be anything from an image, website , a single record or a grid of data. Below is an example of displaying on hand inventory for a part and displaying a customer website in a tool tip. The tool tip can be displayed in a context menu or as an indicator next to the field. In another post I will show you how to create a Zone BAQ and add it to a context menu.

Customer Web Site

In the example below I created a BAQ with customer ID and the customer URL. I then tied this BAQ to the customer ID context menu.

Salesforce lookup field

Zone BAQ Customer Context Menu

Salesforce lookup field

Zone BAQ Web Site Display

On Hand Parts Display

In this example I created a BAQ that pulls all locations and on hand amounts for a given part. As in the example above I added this to the PartNum context menu.

BAQ Context

BAQ Epicor Display MenuZone BAQ Part On Hand Display

This feature could be used in many different scenarios. You could quickly look  up order history, on hand inventory, display part images and many others.


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