Microsoft Caters to a Modern Marketing Executive with CRM Updates

Does your CRM (customer relationship management) software allow you to effectively reach your customers?  Better than your competition?  New Microsoft updates are expected to help you do just that. Element three, an inbound marketing agency, points out the shift in consumer attitudes reflect how marketers reach customers.

“Just as the train industry didn’t know they were in the business of transportation, you may not be in the business you think you are,” the agency adds. This means you may think you’re selling software, services or equipment, but to your customers, you may actually be selling freedom, control or refreshment, especially compared to your competitors.

Elaborating on this point, Kirill Tatarinov, EVP for Microsoft Business Solutions spoke with Stuart Lauchlan of Diginomica. Tatarinov wants to enable marketing executives to get even more out of Dynamics CRM. Read the complete article here.

“You need to get your image out there and your brand out there. In the modern internet world, your competitors are just a click and few seconds away so you need to nurture your brand more. Marketing budgets have grown, but most people don’t have the good tools needed to measure return on that,” said Tatarinov.

Microsoft has made announcements about three new deliverables that are expected to be rolled out through the second quarter of 2014. Zdnet referenced the three updates once called only by their constellation based code names: “Mira,” Subra” and “Leo” as continuing the pace of Microsoft CRM improvements. Beginning with Dynamics 2011 and the updated version of Dynamics CRM in the fall of 2013, Microsoft has been focusing on CRM.

What’s Ahead for Dynamics CRM Users

  • Mira or Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is based on a marketing automation technology acquired by Microsoft in 2012. This add on service will be available to use with Dynamics online and on-premises versions and will also be offered as a stand-alone product. Lead scoring was enhanced and will work tightly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Subra, will now be called Microsoft Social Listening. Great relationships start with listening. Based off of social analytics technology, this tool will help sales, marketing and customer care professionals gain new insights. Social Listening will also work with CRM online and on-premises versions and will be offered as a stand-alone product.
  • Leo, is Microsoft’s new personalized customer care offering, which will feature a new Unified Service Desk. Customer service capabilities will include self-service via support portals, Facebook and Twitter and Web chat with video. This is designed to supplement the most recent acquisition of Parature.

Social listening will be included in the cost of the CRM Professional license. The pricing for the other two new updates will be announced at the upcoming Convergence conference.

What do you think? Is Dynamics CRM right for your marketing department? Find out more by contacting us. We would love to give you a free trial for you to find out.

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