Local Tech Company Participates in LaunchCode

Datix, Inc., as a Saint Louis based software and IT Services Company, is pleased to be participating in LaunchCode. This newly founded organization by Jim McKelvey, the co-founder of Square, aims to help aspiring coders who lack the experience necessary to land a job.

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LaunchCode works by a process called “pair-coding” a popular training methodology used in Silicon Valley. The new coder is paired with an experience coder where they have two keyboards, but only one monitor. This new “pair” works together until the new coder is up to speed and receives a full-time job.

“I love St. Louis and people don’t realize how fast the tech industry here is growing,” said Bryan Sapot, President of Datix, Inc. “People like Jim McKelvey and projects like this will do some great things for St. Louis in the eyes of the world, not to mention the talent pool.”

New coders are invited to attend the session held from 6p.m. to 9p.m., Monday September, 23 at Third Degree Glass Factory. Registration is required in order to attend. Please visit launch-code.net/#register for additional registration details.

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