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Saas Blog Cover ImageWhat is SaaS? 

Software as a Service (SaaS) represents a cloud deployment option for ERP software. Based on cloud technology, this is a pay-as-you-go choice where users pay only for what they use per month. Instead of a licensing fee, your costs are substantially reduced with almost no hardware involved. 

Some may initially compare this to a cloud deployment solutionbut thatonly part of the conversation. 


How Does it Work? 

One of the more distinct aspects of SaaS is how you can work within your ERP. When you access your programs, it closely resembles a login page over the internet. Your system is stored off-site, yet all access is done through an application via a designated web browser. 

Saas InfographicThis differs from the traditional on-premises or cloud-hosted ERP optionas it substantially simplifies your systemAnd despite the ease-of-use, you don’t lose any of the features or desired functionality. From there, you’ll find your data and information as if it were at the location itself. All your tasks and processes can be performed as they would be normally via the portal.  


Who Takes Care of SaaS? 

Similar to hosting your ERP in the cloud, your partner provides most of the support related to your system. The selected provider will be responsible for everything related to the solution, including maintenance and security. Without the need for physical infrastructure, you can allocate funds to other areas of your business. 

Further, if you want to add customizations, this can be accomplished via third-party extensions. While the core program can’t be changed, extensions can fulfill additional requirements for your solution. Thus, providing additional functionality and support to your option. 


Where Did My Portal Go? 

One of the key positivesor negatives depending on your business opinionsis that your portal is accessible over the internet. This delivers immediate access to your system from any location at any time. 


Wrap Up  

With ongoing ERP developments, SaaS will continue to grow in relevance in the years to come. As companies continue to develop their technology to become more competitive, investing in your solution becomes imperative. 

When you look ahead five years, where do you see your business? If you want a deployment option that suits your needs with the most minimal of tools, SaaS is for you. To harness the power of SaaS technology, contact Datix today!  

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