Last-Minute GDPR Tips

Last-Minute GDPR Tips

Ready for the GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to roll out on May 25th, but a startling number of businesses still have a ways to go in developing their compliance strategies. Remember: businesses in the EU aren’t the only ones affected by these mandates. If you’re handling a significant amount of EU customer data, the GDPR applies to you—meaning that failure to comply could result in steep fines. Don’t put your enterprise at risk. Follow a couple of our last-minute tips to ensure you’re ready for the GDPR.

Check with Vendors

At this point, you should have already conducted a thorough evaluation of your data management techniques, but it’s easy to forget that your software vendors also need to comply with the new regulations. Take a look at service-level agreements (SLAs) from vendors to determine whether or not they have made adequate updates to ensure compliance. Check any third-party applications you’ve added to the system as well.

Those who have Epicor ERP 10 are in luck: the latest versions of Epicor include several security features which help users comply with the GDPR. Its business logic and secure database protect data integrity. Plus, authorizations can be maintained throughout your instance to make sure only the appropriate people are accessing sensitive information. Having said that, Epicor isn’t solely responsible for your compliance. Double check that you have the right people and right techniques in place to protect EU customer data.

Consolidate Data

Even if you’ve gone through your data and usage policies with a fine-tooth comb, there’s a good chance you missed something if you are running disparate systems. Do what you can to consolidate data into one place. With information on a central hub, enterprises can effectively organize data and eradicate manual entries, which threaten data integrity. By integrating multiple modules into one system, Epicor ERP consolidates your ERP data to make comprehensive data management feasible.

For further protection, integrate your ERP and CRM systems into a single source of truth. Integrations automatically update data in one system, further strengthening your compliance measures. Besides the security benefits, integrated software also improves efficiency by automating workflows and encouraging interdepartmental collaboration.

Check out more benefits of a CRM-ERP integration by watching our demo!

Wrap Up

GDPR compliance shouldn’t be taken lightly, even for businesses outside of the EU. The right software can go a long way in helping enterprises comply with international mandates. Datix, an Epicor Platinum Partner, has provided software solutions for 20 years. That means we’re well-versed in taking on new challenges, including new regulations. With Unity, our Epicor integration application, we can quickly connect your ERP instance with a number of other software platforms to create a central source of data that will enable your business to weather any new challenges.

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