Why Should I Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce with my ERP?

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce CRM with my ERP?

Should your business integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce  with your ERP will allow you to quickly and affordably sync customer and business data between both systems.

“CRM by itself is just a tool. Marrying it with ERP data makes it valuable.” David Peterson, Enterprise Collaboration Manager of Trek Bicycles.

Solution-Driven Service

Connector services like Scribe Software, makes integration easy and allow enterprises to get a total view of the customer.  Trek faced the challenge of having no centralized data. Prior to having a CRM feature, the Trek Salesforce used outlook to manage dealer accounts. Their solution? Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  A new CRM now integrates past and current account activity. Integration allows data to flow between Marketing, Sales, Finance and Customer Support.

Why a Connector?

What’s great about using a connector tool is the worry free integration. Scribe can connect numerous CRM applications including Salesforce® along with Microsoft Dynamics™  CRM, Marketo®, SilverPop and ExactTarget®.  Integration with Salesforce, means combining the cloud based CRM services with your ERP system.

Salesforce, as a CRM provider, is all about building stronger customer relationships. When it comes to manufacturing, Salesforce brings together data to help you understand your customers.

Understand Your Customers

Fireclay Tile, the leading U.S. recycled ceramic and 100% recycled glass tile manufacturer, is a Salesforce CRM optimization success story. They are one example of a smaller-sized company that used Salesforce to maintain customer profiles.  Eric Edelson, Vice President and Co-Owner of Fireclay Tile, “It’s no longer enough to sell to customers. We need to think about the end-to-end relationship so we can build meaningful and lasting relationships with them.” In the end they had a better idea of which channels to focus on for improved customer experiences. They saw an increase of 90% in their customer satisfaction.

Integration Can Help You:

  • Analyze Past Customer Interaction Data
  • Simplify or Automate Business Processes
  • Access Critical Data from all Business Areas
  • Use Intelligent Scheduling and Dispatching Tools
  • Create and Update Bids and Launch New Products
Interested in how to integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce with ERP? Click on the appropriate link.
Scribe Software Case Study: Trek Bicycles 
Salesforce.com Customer Stories FireClay Tile

Image: Trek Bikes

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