Integrate Your ERP and Ecommerce Functions

Integrate Your ERP and Ecommerce Functions

You manufacture an amazing product. And now you have an ecommerce platform to showcase and sell your product. You also have an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that keeps track of orders, inventory levels and operational functions. What happens when you want the data from ecommerce purchases to sync with existing data in your ERP system?  Getting total integration of the two systems is quicker and easier than you might think.

In our ERP consulting practice, we address this a lot.

Integration Made Easy

We work with clients to integrate their Epicor ERP system with Znode’s ecommerce platform. The integration process is easier than you might think because we partnered with Scribe Software. Scribe allows its partners the flexibility to create client-centered integration software. This means you get an easy to use integration with Znode and Epicor ERP.

Why Ecommerce Matters

Back in 2011, Oracle conducted a research survey that found mid-sized businesses looking to differentiate entered the ecommerce space. Since then, these vendors have been seeking options to improve customer experience and take on competition head on. Manufacturers, who are investing in new technology, can use the features of an ecommerce site to better reach their customers.

Blurred Lines between Manufacturer and Distributor

Manufacturers now have the option to sell directly to consumers. Kevin Eichelberger, Founder and CEO of Blue Acorn, recognizes the shift that has occurred. Traditionally, a manufacturer could mass-produce products and sell them in bulk to retailers or distributors who provide the infrastructure and services to consumers that wish to purchase these products in the retail market.

“There has traditionally been a sharp distinction between the wholesale market and the retail market,” Eichelberger adds.  “However, the advent of online retailing and drop-shipping has blurred these lines to a point where manufacturers are now active competitors the retail market.”

Ecommerce Done Correctly

Imagine instead working with your distributor to ensure proper channel control. Znode makes it possible for the manufacturer to retain central control and visibility while setting up accounts for distributors. And then you will be able, with integration, to access pertinent ERP data for a more complete view of your customers purchasing behavior.


Interested in what integration of ERP and ecommerce would look like for your manufacturing company? Contact us anytime with your questions. Find us on Twitter @DatixInc and on LinkedIn.

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