How to Choose the Right ERP

As manufacturing becomes increasingly competitive, particularly for small and midsize businesses, resources like an ERP are essential for increasing efficiency, reducing downtime and unnecessary costs and streamlining business processes. However, it can be a significant challenge to choose the right ERP system. The right ERP will solve your problems, increase your competitive advantage and evolve with your organization. In this blog, we will cover how to find the right ERP based on your specific business needs.

Gain the Tools You Need

The main objective of an ERP should be to solve your business challenges and maximize your competitive advantage. This may sound simple, but many manufacturers lose sight of what they need when hunting for a new ERP because they get caught up in what different vendors offer. It is important to learn about the latest technology in ERP to see if it applies to your business, but you must be firm about gaining the tools that you know will increase your bottom line. Some vendors may claim that what you are looking for isn’t possible, but that is why it is important to talk to an ERP consultant like Datix. Unlike a vendor or other consultants, Datix can offer nonbiased guidance on which vendor to choose based on your specific business challenges and provide tailored solutions that go beyond an OOB implementation. As a one-stop shop, our team knows what solutions will bring you the most value for an affordable price, so we can suggest combining applications as needed like adding a disaster recovery system to your ERP.

An ERP offers numerous benefits to manufacturers. A few of these include:

  • Forecasting
  • Data transparency
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Pricing tools
  • Quoting tools
  • Capacity planning

Many ERPs offer these features, so it can be hard to know which system will execute them the best for your organization. Because Datix takes a business-first approach, we learn exactly how your business operates so that we can recommend the ERP system the most aligns with your business processes. Learn more about gaining an individualized ERP solution with Datix.

A Solution to Evolve with your Business

The right ERP will evolve with your business for years to come. For a system to stand the test of time, it must be reliable and come from a vendor dedicated to improving their product. All vendors release updates to patch system issues or increase cybersecurity, which are essential for the longevity of your software. However, the best vendors go beyond basic updates and offer (mostly) complimentary new functionalities and modules to their ERP that keep your system cutting edge. When your business and ERP system evolve, you need an ERP consultant that can adapt with you. At Datix, we are committed to our clients every step of the way of their software solutions journey from the planning to the implementation and beyond.

Wrap Up

Finding the right ERP is intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be a stressful process. With a trusted consultant supporting you, it is possible to find the ultimate ERP solution for your business.

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