How Technology Optimizes Supply Chain Processes


True supply chain end-to-end optimization requires global, highly available, highly responsible application services to manage the movement of materials across a digital network. According to Grand View Research, the global supply chain management market size “is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.1% from 2023 to 2030.” As the need for this technology rises, the market will become increasingly crowded with players and products that lack the experience and expertise to provide true multi-enterprise agility, improved visibility, and supply chain performance.

What Manufacturers Need

Cloud-based, digitally enabled solutions can be the foundation to creating a global network of supply chain partners. But to support collaboration and hand-offs between trading partners, organizations must be able to maximize technology to the fullest. Minimizing information latency is crucial for creating true end-to-end visibility so stakeholders can make optimal decisions in real-time, based on trusted data that can be accessed, updated, and analyzed as products move from order, to manufacturer, to shipment, to warehouse, to distribution center or shelves, to customers.

Applications need to support a wide range of interaction modes, including mobile devices, AI, and machine learning–enabled digital assistants (for voice and process automation), as well as warehouse handhelds and other Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices for shipping and receiving, fleet tracking, container tracking, and more. Software partners and consultants with wide-ranging industry-specific networks, and years of experiencing delivering trusted, proven solutions will be prime influencers in the creation and execution of the future of the supply chain.  No matter what solution you need, Datix can help. After completing thousands of manufacturing solutions in our 25-year history, our consultants offer a nonbiased perspective on what applications to use or how to maximize existing software. When you work with a one-stop shop like Datix, we take care of your software so that you can focus on what you do best: offering quality goods and services to your customers.

Final Takeaway

A digitally transformed supply chain is one that has not only adopted modern technology tools but is also data-driven – leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics for optimal decision-making. Organizations must begin their digitalization strategy with tools that can intelligently sense and respond to changing supply chain needs in competitive marketplaces, while also integrating data, processes, systems, and visibility across sourcing, warehouse, and distribution operations— from end to end. This requires agile solutions that can deliver enhanced performance in markets where customer demand is continually evolving.

End-to-end supply chain optimization does not end with adopting the right digital technology solutions to your supply chain processes. Needs will change over time, so your solutions need to fit and scale with your business. At Datix, we take the time to understand our clients so we can offer solutions that maximize ROI, scale as your needs evolve and take the stress out of software management.

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Please note: This blog post was based on the White Paper “Why supply chain digitization is no longer optional” from Infor and updated by Datix to reflect 2023 market conditions

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