Four Common Rejections When Seeking an ERP Solution

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No matter where we go, rejection seems to follow. In the business world, it’s a harsh reality that business leaders are hit with rejection every day. And those dealing with enterprise resource planning (ERPsoftware have all heard their fair share of frustrating rejections, especially during the vendor selection and implementation processes. 

However, legacy ERP system users also experience rejections, usually due to concerns or fears related to the original implementation. What are the statements that accompany this line of thought? Here we’ll talk about some common rejections older ERP system users tend to use. 

1. There’s Nothing That Can Help Us Today 

As your system approaches the end of its usefulness, the question of selecting a new solution arises. At this point, a frequent objection is that nothing exists to replace what you already have. You might even find yourself asking, “What’s so great about these new solutions?”  

In truth, ERP systems provide elements that can greatly benefit a business of any size. To find what will suit your company comes from due diligence, like intensive research. Before members of your staff say there’s nothing that can help you, research all that’s available in the current marketplace. Only then can you make the appropriate judgment call about what exists for your needs. 

2. We’ve Gone Too Far 

Many older ERP systems have undergone some form of modification throughout their lifetime. Whether to preserve a specific process of your business or add more functionality, modifications and upgrades must occur, but unnecessary upgrades can create a headacheThe many additions to your system can result in cumbersome programs that go beyond your basic needs. Plus, the various changes will likely leave endusers bewildered overtime. 

Those who helped craft these systems and their customizations feel a certain attachment to them. They don’t believe that they can preserve their existing processes in a new system. Such sentiments can result in dissidents as this inevitability approaches. However, with new customizations and add-ons, it’s possible to expand upon a newly implemented ERP system, resulting in a fully-adaptable program that is geared to your new requirements and needs; replacing your potential “Frankenstein” selection with a streamlined and efficiently structured solution. 

3. We’re Not Missing Out on Anything 

Some staff will immediately balk at the idea of implementing a new ERP system. To them, rejecting a new system is a no-brainer. Usually, one of the comments you’ll hear is, “We’re fine, why do we need this thing anyway?” 

Every business has opportunities for improvement. If you have an existing ERP system, you’ve probably been satisfied with everything thus far. It works for most of your needs and your company is profitable overall. Then again, are there areas where the system underperforms? What processes aren’t being properly performed in a timely fashion, costing you time and resources? Have these problems been recurring issues that affect different departments using the system?  

Asking these questions and demonstrating your system’s pain points may be the way to encourage your rejector to reconsider an upgraded system.  

4. We’re a Very Special Group of People 

Sounds a little bit specific doesn’t it? It’s a very unusual thing to be heard in a company, but it does happen. “We’re a very particular business, nothing can suit our needs quite as before.” “Our requirements are more than any system can handle.” “Why are we deluding ourselves into thinking something new can help us?” 

These remarks will be heard when the topic of ERP evaluation arises. It comes from the idea that your company is too unique for any potential option to work. While this is an often-stated remark, the truth is far simpler. Every business has something it does that’s unique to its industry, but not everything is that way. When it comes to your ERP solution, what benefits another company can also help you if it’s the right selection.  

The goal isn’t to become stuck in a mindset where the possibility of improvement is removed. As a result, when looking for an ERP solution, taking an open approach is required. 

Wrap Up  

ERP Rejection concept ImageWith its system-specific architecture, ERP systems have a distinct structure that works in a variety of business environments. While you may have specific needs, upon closer inspection, it might be much more general than imagined. Rather than losing on a potential opportunity, the right provider can provide you with the best outcome. 

Plus, Datix can help your business with its implementation. Our experts will align your software to your business process. We have helped hundreds of companies implement enterprise software, and we will be there for you from start-to-finish throughout your business’s implementation project. 

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