Forrester’s Tweet Chat: The Future of Business is Digital

Forester, @forrester, in conjunction with Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst Nigel Fenwick, @NigelFenwick, held a tweet chat on the future of digital disruption and business. Using the tag #ForrIdeas, Forrester and Fenwick asked questions highlighting trends in digital questions. We, @Datixinc and others including @ggheorghiu @AccentureSocial @langrich @Digschulman @twoARguys and @CharlieNB joined in on the discussion.

Below are the questions discussed during the March 19, 2014 chat discussion:

Question 1: How would you define digital business? #ForrIdeas

Question 2: How does digital business challenge the existing value chain model of business? #ForrIdeas

Question 3: How does digital change customer perceptions of value? #ForrIdeas

Question 4: What is the role of data in creating customer value? #ForrIdeas

Question 5: What challenges do businesses face in transforming into a digital business? #ForrIdeas

Question 6: Who in the organization should lead the digital transformation effort? Why? #ForrIdeas

We wanted to highlight some of the top moments from the chat.

Question 1:

“@NigelFenwick Digital biz exploits digital tech to 1. create new sources of value & 2. increase operational agility.” #ForrIdeas @forrester Via @twoARguys

“Digital business is the use of big data, mobile tech, social media & digital marketing to effectively reach clients.” #ForrIdeas Via: @Datixinc

“We would add the creation of value for clients as a key element to digital business.” Via @NigelFenwick


Question 2:

“A new value model is emerging, one that is driven by customers” #forrideas Via @NigelFenwick

“Disruptive, no doubt. CIOs now moving into the front office, augmenting what sales etc. can do re: customer facing” #ForrIdeas @forrester Via @twoARguys

“In our latest research we describe the model as a “dynamic ecosystem of value” #forrideas Via: @NigelFenwick

“Here’s a look into the ecosystems of value that @NigelFenwick mentioned.” #ForrIdeas #digitaldisruption @forrester

Question 3:

“Customers expect to have a consistent experience across all touchpoints.” #forrideas Via @NigelFenwick

“Yet, while 74% of biz execs say their org has a digital strategy, only 16% feel that they have the capabilities to execute it.” #ForrIdeas Via @forrester

“This is why CX is critical to delivering sustained value over time inside customer ecosystems of value.” #Forrideas Via @NigelFenwick

RT @forrester: “Two key imperatives to keep in mind: Digital #CustExp And Digital Operational Excellence.” #ForrIdeas Via @admorin

Question 4:

“For sure data is critical to unlocking customer value” #forrideas Via: @NigelFenwick

“Data is combined with a digital representation of the world to create added value to customers.” #forrideas Via: @NigelFenwick

“By 2017, digital touchpoints like mobile devices will influence 50% of US retail sales and 10% of all sales will be online.” #ForrIdeas
Via @Forrester

@AvanadeNews @forrester And most companies’ digital strategy is more of a digital bolt-on than a digital transformation #forrideas Via @NigelFenwick


Question 5:

“93% of executives believe that digital will disrupt their business in the next 12 months.” #digitaldisruption #ForrIdeas Via @forrester

“Many companies execute “digital strategy” as a bolt-on strategy to the existing business model. Bolt-on won’t work in future.” #forrideas Via: @NigelFenwick

“Even in the least disrupted sectors (think mining), 64% of execs believe that #digitaldisruption will impact them soon.” #ForrIdeas Via: @forrester

@forrester @NigelFenwick “Departments are too focused on doing their “job” & they don’t realize their job is to focus on the customer.” Via: @datixinc


Question 6:

“The #1 challenge to digital transformation is the CEO.” #Forrideas Via: @NigelFenwick

@forrester “It has to come from the top, ie CEO or senior leadership in order to change the direction of the business.” Via @datixinc

“The CMO or the CPO (Chief Product Officer) should lead digital transformation. A CEO’s job is too external facing to do so.” #forrideas Via: @zacharyparadis

@zacharyparadis “The CEO need to set it as business direction, and the CMO and CIO need to jointly lead transformation.” #forrideas Via: @NigelFenwick


In the end, it is important to focus on the customer. Forrester mentioned the “two key imperatives to keep in mind: Digital #CustExp And Digital Operational Excellence.” This was an excellent twitter chat session and we learned how important the role of the CEO is in driving the direction of a business, particularly in the digital space. Digital disruption is going to affect even the most traditional companies in the coming years.


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