5 Core Features Manufacturers Should Expect from an ERP System

5 Core Features Manufacturers Should Expect from an ERP System

Your business is not a mom and pop operation, but you are not a multi-billion dollar manufacturing enterprise. In order for your company to run efficiently you need software to support your day-to-day operations and future growth. Make sure the ERP software you select will have certain out of the box core features.

Technically you could use multiple software platforms and piece together your own solution. But a solid ERP system should have a lot of your needs taken care of without costly customization.

Out of the box functionality should cover:

Complex product configuration

Make sure your configured orders are accurate for the customer and feasible for the production department.

Advanced planning and scheduling (APS)

This feature will save you time. You want to be able to continually monitor demand as it occurs and update production schedules quickly. As a built in ERP feature, it will provide accurate and real-time capable-to-promise estimates to your customers.

Materials and inventory management

Automate the process of calculating and monitoring your inventory drivers-forecasts, safety stocks, and order size-to keep inventory low while avoiding shortages. Pretty straightforward and when this process is running smoothly your business will be more productive.

Better employee/user experience

Make sure your interface is easy to use and allows for easy customization for your particular industry, team, or user. You should install a system that will not require extensive IT help. That takes time and will frustrate your users, making the system less efficient and less likely to be used.

Mobile solution for warehouse logistics

We hear about how important it is to reach customers via mobile devices, that’s great, but wouldn’t it be awesome if your warehouse personnel could connect with your ERP system? Mobile solutions will fully automate key business processes, cut costs while improving profits with specialized modules including pallet management, lot control, labeling and packaging.


Find out what other features come standard during an ERP software selection process. Contact us today!

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