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Fixed Fee Epicor ERP Implementation 

“We don’t have the time for an implementation.” “Isn’t that only for large corporations?” “It’s way too difficult to use and maintain.” 

For over 20 years, we’ve heard all the excuses in the book for avoiding an ERP implementation. ERP’s early days as a rigid, monolithic system continue to cast a cloud over its reputation. Despite the advancements in ERP technology, small to midsize businesses fear the software will deplete them of their resources and complicate their processes.  

At Datix, we strive to disprove these myths through our comprehensive ERP solutions and services which take the stress out of software. One of those solutions is our fixed fee Epicor ERP implementation for manufacturers and distributors, which offers advanced functionality without hassle. Below, we describe how our fixed fee implementation debunks common ERP myths.  

Rapid Implementation 

In one of our most popular posts, we explain that a number of factors determine the duration of an ERP implementation. Larger enterprises with complex processes, for example, often require customizations and additional modules that extend the deadline. But we know that not all businesses need this level of intricacy. Smaller businesses embarking on their first ERP deployment just want to start out with the essentials.  

Our fixed fee solution can be rapidly deployed. When businesses attempt to implement ERP on their own, they often experience delays after encountering issues with data conversion or testing. But Datix’s expert consultants take charge of fixed fee implementations, following best practices to get your instance up and running without errors.

We also implement your software under a fixed schedule to help you achieve ROI in no time. Epicor ERP includes an array of sophisticated modules and features out of the box, so you can enjoy comprehensive functionality without delegating extra time to add-ons and customizations.  


It probably goes without saying that a rapid implementation managed by ERP experts makes for a more simplified deployment. But what about after go-live? ERP isn’t known for ease of use—or at least it wasn’t in the past. Designed for cloud-hosted Epicor ERP, our fixed fee implementation equips businesses with a user-friendly, scalable solution.  

Unlike the rigid, on-premises software of the past, cloud ERP makes it simple and affordable to adapt your system to growing business needs. When you add locations, expand your product line or integrate new software, you can make changes quickly and easily. The cloud’s pay-per-usage model means that you can add users by adjusting your fees, which is far less expensive and complicated than messing with hardware and servers.  

Cloud software is also inherently easier to customize, but Epicor ERP further simplifies customizations with a built-in engine that enables substantial changes to be made without touching the base code. If that wasn’t enough, cloud providers update your software without interrupting your users’ work. There’s no easier way to manage your operations than with Epicor deployed in the cloud.  

SMB Solution 

Fast implementation, support from ERP experts, simplified usage and maintenance—all these benefits make our fixed fee solution ideal for small to midsize businesses. Long gone are the days when inflexible ERP systems were only available to corporate giants with large IT departments and endless resources. Our implementation empowers manufacturers and distributors of all sizes to gain a robust solution. At a low fixed price, SMBs can enjoy a dynamic, managed ERP instance that drives business transformations 

Wrap Up 

ERP doesn’t have to be a headache. When you work with ERP experts and implement the right solution, you can leverage a robust array of tools to gain fast ROI without hassle. Datix is committed to simplifying ERP projects. As an Epicor Gold Partner, we know how to execute implementations and provide on-going support to mitigate risk throughout your software journey. With our fixed fee Epicor ERP implementations, our experienced consultants are making it easier than ever for small to midsize manufacturers and distributors to obtain a scalable, comprehensive ERP solution that enhances their business performance. 

Ready to give your operations a boost? Get in touch with Datix today to learn more about our fixed fee ERP implementation!


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