Epicor ERP Software is the Best Kept Secret for Global ERP

You don’t hear much about Epicor in comparison to the “big name” players of the ERP software market. But as an Epicor Partner, we’re not complaining. We know Epicor is the best kept secret in global ERP and know those who use it feel the same. Don’t just take our word for it; check out the functionality possible with Epicor ERP for yourself:

Single Point of Data: Internal operations need to be integrated in order to achieve global visibility.

And Epicor ERP is a comprehensive solution that helps make that visibility possible. Epicor ERP can do it all, including accounting, order processing, manufacturing, human resources and data from other functions as well as including advanced financial management reporting and analysis. With real-time and accurate information at your fingertips, you can make better business decisions that help the success of your company. Instead of gathering information from a number of different systems and then never really knowing if the data is accurate, pull from one ERP solution that encompasses all parts of your business.

Adaptable Business Architecture: Epicor ERP scales to your business needs to support long-term growth. There are multiple deployment options that help ensure you stay within your means when making an ERP software purchase, such as hosting, online functionality, and on-premises implementations. Whatever works for you, Epicor can make it happen. In addition to the beginning stages of deployment, Epicor ERP can grow with you on a global scale. Some ERP systems limit your potential, but Epicor ERP adapts the way you need it to. Epicor also provides solutions in over 30 languages so you’re not hindered in where you can do business.

Beyond offering a product designed for global business, Epicor has a global infrastructure that incorporates support centers located in every major operating region—the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and Asia Pacific. Through these regional centers, Epicor provides support in more than 20 languages. For more information on Epicor ERP: please contact us at Datix.

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