The Rundown On The New Epicor ERP Configurator

The Rundown On The New Epicor ERP Configurator

In the latest installment of our series detailing the many reasons why a business should be considering upgrading to the newest version of Epicor ERP, we turn to one of its most impressive features; the configurator. With capability beyond the basic engineering functionality and the ability for deep and flexible customization on-the-spot, the new configurator can be life changing for many types of manufacturing businesses.

The Epicor ERP configurator may only come into play for certain types of businesses, but if it is relevant to your business, prepare to be impressed. The Epicor ERP configurator boasts an ability to drill down even further into every part being made and supply chain being run within your organization.

Exact Order Manipulation

When you map your Epicor ERP configurator to do so, it can manipulate an order at every level; quote, sales or job.  On the quote level, you will be able to configure a part, determine total costs of the order and estimate a potential lead time.  At the sales level, simple changes can be made to the part—color, amount, graphics, etc.—and then the order reconfigured once again. Users can employ the configurator at the job level to add specific components or materials to an order.

Thus, the Epicor ERP configurator will automate important and often complex documents and processes like bill of materials, smart part numbers and part manufacturing records. This kind of control will be invaluable for businesses with a huge catalog of different parts and products that may be routinely switched out and moved around on customer orders, and thus every single quote, order and client must be carefully tracked and synced throughout a software system.

Enterprise Transparency

As information is entered into the system by users, those changes will be directly pulled into the product Bill of Material. This then will be translated to the records of the part or product across all systems, modules and lines on your shop floor. Front and back end users will be able to see an exacting lead time for that quote.

The latest Epicor ERP configurator incites coalition and transparency between all hierarchies and departments in your business. Every employee will contribute to the pool of information and taking value from it, and therefore will be effective at working towards the needs of your clients. If your particular market or vertical is becoming more crowded with competition, this newfound collaboration between all of your team members can really allow you to gain that step up. You’ll be able to complete orders faster, fulfill client’s wishes (or changes) more efficiently, and give potential and current customers the most accurate production and delivery times.

The power of enterprise transparency also comes into play when it comes to the mobility of your business. Information can be viewed and changed from anywhere with access to the internet—the shop floor, a desktop or the mobile phone of a sales person out on a customer visit. This kind of flexibility and total business synergy will give your company the leverage it needs to grow further and cut costs that may be holding you back.

Will Your Business Need the Epicor ERP Configurator?

Yes, the Epicor ERP Configurator is powerful and exciting, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s vital for every single type of business. Because of its robust tracking functionality, the Epicor ERP configurator is usually ideal for food, automotive and distribution industries. These are all verticals that require precious knowledge of a large amount of moving parts that may be spread out over several facilities, borders or even continents.

The Epicor ERP configurator will also help businesses navigate potential rough patches with suppliers. For example, if your supplier is cited for nonconformance, you will be burdened with a shortage as the next link in the supply chain. Too often this kind of incident can leave a business scrambling and struggling to fulfill important orders and keep clients happy. However, with the Epicor ERP configurator, your production team can quickly alter a quote at the job level with a like material instance at the same level of significance.

Wrap Up

The Epicor ERP configurator is just another impressive asset that can be added to long a list of features that should convince businesses that they really need to start thinking about seriously considering an Epicor upgrade. From the impressive capable engineering functionality, to its modern mobility and scheduling capability, Epicor ERP could be just the right ERP for your growing business.

Thinking about an upgrade, or simply thinking about implementing Epicor for the first time? Contact one of Datix’s consultants now! We have helped a wide range of businesses upgrade to the latest version of Epicor and we can chat with you to help you build out the best upgrade map and schedule to meet your unique business needs and processes.


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