List of 16+ Solutions In Epicor Project | Epicor Consulting

List of 16+ Solutions In Epicor Project |Epicor Consulting

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With every Epicor consulting client we work with we create a final project sign-off that helps us ensure that all of our goals at the beginning of the project were met. We’ve noticed over time that this is something Epicor users groups have found to be very valuable.

With respect to that information, we’ve decided to start sharing some of these log’s with our online community in case many of you are experiencing some of the same issues and challenges – or share some of the same goals – as our previous clients. This way you can see what work was performed to overcome any issues, and what actions were completed to achieve the desired results.

Our hope as that this resource will serve as an easy tool for burdened Epicor users that may need help deciphering current problems or challenges, and provide direction around their solutions.

What do the reports contain? It’s simple. Each report contains a list goals/issues/challenges each client had with their Epicor ERP system with a corresponding list of the solutions that were discovered to solve them. Many times the information is detailed, often times it is brief. Either way, we hope it can provide those with similar issues insights in to possible solutions. See the sample below to get a better idea.

We’ve been ERP consulting for over 17 years. We believe that users will find this information very valuable.

This Epicor Project Report

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The Company: An industrial manufacturer of print materials

The Project: The company brought Datix in to lead an upgrade to Epicor version 10. Ultimately, the client choose to reimplement and update many of their business processes along the way. The organization was originally upgrading from an older Vantage 8 installation, and was interested in all the new features, dashboards, and reporting in Epicor version 10.

What’s In it?: The left side of the chart reflects the real Epicor ERP goals, issues, and challenges the company had during the project. On the right side, you will find the actions executed by the company to solve these items. See sample… be sure to download the full report above!



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