Dynamics CRM Implementation, Mapping, Epicor Integration

Dynamics CRM Implementation, Mapping & Integration Case Study

Case Study: Aerospace, Defense Contractor Implements Dynamics CRM

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What: Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation, a re-mapping of the sales and quoting process, and a custom integration with Epicor ERP version 10
When: Project occurred in 2014-2015
Where: Midwest, United States

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Background: Why A Dynamics CRM Implementation?

There were several issues that were of concern to the client (who must maintain anonymity throughout the study for competitive reasons). Their existing cloud CRM software lacked a Department of Defense certification, and the renewal date was quickly approaching. Essentially, the company required a DoD certified, stable CRM solution in the near term to remain industry compliant. This meant the company would need to implement an entirely new system, and in addition, sync it to a newly upgraded Epicor ERP 10 system. To put it starkly, the client had 90 days to select, plan, procure and implement a new CRM software instance and map it to their business processes – which the client expressed would need major modifications.

There were no current triggers for their internal approval process; as it pertained to the passage of quotes from sales to engineering for costing, design and manufacturing. To do so, it would require a unity between the sales process and the Epicor engineering suite to improve a rather absent internal traceability scheme. This was something they believed could greatly enhance efficiency, and decrease costs.

Furthermore, a lack of transparency between silos led to steep cost increases as engineers designed prototypes for quoted parts with speculative assurance that the quote could be even be won. Those probabilities were left to sales whom viewed the RFQ as one sale, rather than each part within the RFQ as an individual sale.
As a result, the client raised questions about the resources they had to perform a business process and digital ecosystem overhaul with a limited scope.
In order to meet a looming deadline, the client strategically chose to source Datix, a third party business and technology solutions expert, to mend the areas of concern. The client ultimately selected a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation as their CRM system of choice, and found it to a profound fit with the specs of their operations. They then looked to their business process modeling expert, certified in both Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementations and Epicor ERP projects, to yield more productive processes across the organization.

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Table of contents for the Dynamics CRM implementation, mapping, and Epicor integration case study

1: Who, What, When, Where, Why…
2: The background
3: The existing system
4: The solution
5: The outcome
6: Why it was so successful
7: More information

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