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What is this e-book, and how should we use it?

Below you’ll find a form that will allow you to download an exhaustive guide on selecting the best ERP system for your unique business. Whether you are a manufacturing company looking for advanced shop-floor management and quality control or an e-commerce business with your eye on software with rock-solid financial ability, this e-book has you covered.  We’ve carefully compiled our most comprehensive reviews of the ERP systems with comparable offerings in different area of industry and functionality so that you ensure you’re getting the most out of your valuable software investment.

Over the past 18 years, our experts at Datix have spent an immeasurable amount of time with clients evaluating software that can help them meet their specific business needs. Throughout that process one thing has emerged as a constant truth: selecting the right software is about selecting the right tool for the right job—you wouldn’t want to cut a piece of wood with a hammer after all. A part of our evaluation process includes conducting ERP reviews and working intimately with each system to make sure it’s working as efficiently as possible for your company. Datix is a leading business process modeling consultant for the firm: we know the software and how each option stacks up against alternatives and we’ve distilled this knowledge into a handy guide for you.

We’ve found that no one software system is a best fit for every type of industry, company size or business goals. Some vendors prize scalability, while others might prioritize simplicity of process.  This means a significant amount of due diligence is needed for organizations to select a system that will properly support their business processes and enable them to extract the maximum amount of ROI from their ERP software project.

Businesses that place an emphasis on finding software straightaway and don’t consider each of the processes and goals that their system needs to support first often end up with a system completely unequipped for their goals, complicating your work and eventually causing you to go over budget just to maintain the upkeep of difficult software. When we’re talking your business, the cost of that kind of software failure can be momentous. That’s why considering your unique needs and priorities on the front end of your system selection procedure is so important.

To help you avoid this kind of failure, we’ve created this comparison guide for truly breaking down the best unbiased reviews of Plex ERP and its top competitors in areas such as cloud operation and manufacturing processes. You can easily see the strengths and weaknesses of each system in comparison to each other, allowing you to determine which one may best support the processes that your businesses employs and prioritizes.

With the help of this e-book, your business can start to perform the necessary due diligence required to ensure that your next choice of ERP software system:

  1. Generates ROI
  2. Is Readily Adopted By Users
  3. Supports Organizational Processes and Outcomes

What systems are compared?

We take a comprehensive and in-depth look at Plex Systems in comparison to top competitors in different software areas: NetSuite for cloud-based ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturing, SAP for Economies of Scale and Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne for Database Management . These systems are often considered inside of many of the same organizations when they focus on one of our 4 areas, and Datix has helped businesses evaluate and select every single one to avoid implementation failure. Each one fits better than another inside of different scenarios, and we know that while Plex may work excellently for one client, it may also not be a great fit for another business. It all comes down to going into the selection process with a clear vision of what you want out of your ERP software. Once you know that, we can help you with the rest.

Help your business make the right selection and download our e-book using the form above to get started on deciding which system is right for your business.

About Datix:

Datix has been implementing and designing enterprise software solutions for the last 17 years. Datix consults with manufacturing and distribution businesses in the mid-market to assist in building out their enterprise software systems. That’s our M.O. We’ve built partnerships with some of the most popular software used inside of these businesses, and have created a powerful reputation as an expert who understands how all these systems should work together.

At Datix, we get it. We know enterprise software, and can visualize how it can work to support a wide range of different business objectives. We are innovative thought leaders that are constantly developing proprietary applications and solutions based on the challenges we see clients face the most. Businesses work with us when they want to mitigate risk, solve problems, and improve the way their business operates. To get started getting the most out of your ERP system, download our Plex ERP Reviews Guide and contact an expert at Datix today.


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