Combining IoT with ERP

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be open to new technological advancements. Internet of Things (IoT) has started permeating the manufacturing industry and has the potential to completely transform the way manufacturers do business. However, those who want to take advantage of this new technology need to consider how it will work in tandem with their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. In this blog, we will cover how connecting IoT and ERP improves your data visibility and decision-making capability.

What is Internet of Things (IoT) Exactly?

Internet of Things refers to a network of connected devices and technology. These devices could be part of your production process, such as a handheld scanner, or part of products that consumers use like a car or a thermostat. This allows for seamless data collection in real time and valuable insight into both how your organization and how your customers are operating.

Improved Decision-Making Based on Real-Time Production Data

With IoT connected to ERP, you can perform real-time analysis to take your decision-making to the next level. IoT allows you to see production data for critical metrics and project statuses in real time. The constant flow of data from IoT sensors allows managers and leadership to see what is happening at their organizations to make day-to-day decisions or strategic plans. Training and consistently executing business processes becomes easier and your team can save time with automated auditing and monitoring for production issues. Don’t wait to incorporate IoT with your ERP. Work with Datix to develop complete data visibility and a system that is tailored for your organization. At Datix, we take a business-first approach with our clients by learning about their organizational needs and delivering a comprehensive software solution to overcome their greatest challenges.

Examples of Real-Time IoT Data In Action

Manufacturers are utilizing IoT devices at their facilities like never before. This means that the amount of data available to you is rapidly growing. For instance, you can use IoT to monitor for quality defects and to identify failure points. This includes measuring and receiving automatic notifications if equipment goes outside of your preset calibration settings in real time. You can even monitor for equipment maintenance red flags with the right IoT and ERP setup. Being able to see this data right from your ERP system makes it simple for your staff to take action. Learn how you can connect your ERP with IoT by contacting Datix. As a one-stop shop, we understand ERP, IoT, CRM, disaster recovery, hosting, and whatever else you need for your ERP ecosystem.

Wrap Up

You don’t want to be behind the times when it comes to Internet of Things technology. Take your business to the next level by incorporating IoT into your ERP ecosystem.

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