Cloud Security in CloudSuite Industrial (CSI)

Cloud technology like Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems make it simple for manufacturers to keep their data accessible to employees, even when they are off-site. However, what does this accessibility mean for cloud security? By switching from on-premises servers and locally hosted software to a centralized, web-enabled system, are you compromising your data security?

For security-minded manufacturers, choosing the right cloud ERP makes a difference. After all, your ERP stores everything from customer information, proprietary manufacturing plans to financial data. CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) from Infor was designed with cloud security in mind. Built from AWS, CSI comes with numerous security features to ensure that your data is safe. Here’s a few ways CloudSuite Industrial offers exceptional cloud security.

Application Security

Application security strives to protect software application code against cyber threats. On this base level, CSI creates a strong foundation by utilizing the best practices in development for their code, conducting regular code reviews, and directly testing for vulnerabilities.

Network Security

Network security protects the underlying networking infrastructure from unauthorized access and misuse. CloudSuite Industrial offers security through separation. It has a layered defense architecture that is designed to protect and combat third party interception.


Monitoring, in terms of cloud security, is the practice of supervising both virtual and physical servers to analyze data for threats and potential weaknesses. CSI servers authenticate using digital certificates to prevent impersonators from entering the system. This happens in addition to CSI’s dynamic password management setup and extensive incident monitoring, logging, and auditing. It should be noted that while Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial extensively monitors and fights back against security threats, you still own your data.

Just as CSI continually monitors your system for potential threats, you can have an ERP partner that has your back you every step of the way. For ERP solutions, look to Datix to receive support from the planning to the implementation and beyond.

Physical Security

When it comes to the physical security of CSI data centers, Infor has you covered. To enter a CSI data center, you must go through guard-controlled entry points and biometric locks in order get to their locked cages spaces, all while being watched on CCTV. With sophisticated security systems in place, you don’t need to worry about your ERP being compromised from its data centers.

Operation Security

When it comes to the cloud, operation security is about preventing, detecting, responding to, and recovering from active attacks. Certainly, no one wants to imagine having their system under attack, but it is far better to have a plan in place if the worst ever happens. When it comes to decreasing threat risk, CSI maximizes restricted permissions, limiting user access so that only necessary eyes can see sensitive data. When a potential vulnerability is found, Infor will offer a patch for users. However, Infor goes beyond merely offering patches by hardening their work, which is specifically meant to limit the ways a hacker or malware could gain entry. Likewise, CSI has encrypted connections for data and secure FTP using SSL/TLS and other mechanisms.

If cloud security still makes you nervous, that’s okay. It’s possible to add additional security measures in place on top of the protections offered by an ERP like CSI. As a one-stop shop that has implemented thousands of software solutions, Datix can offer you the tailored solution you are looking for. From hosting to disaster recovery, we can create a plan to take care of your data protection needs.

Wrap Up

If you want a cloud ERP that takes security seriously, look no further than Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial. As a Gold Channel Partner and expert in Infor CloudSuite consulting, Datix has the experience to support your CSI implementation. We take a business-first approach with each of our clients to offer them a tailored ERP solution to meet all of their needs. Talk to our team about using CSI to take your business to the next level.

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