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What is happening at your business? When you have disconnected software, data becomes siloed, and it is nearly impossible to answer that question. You may be able to identify problems like teams not being on the same page, inaccurate orders by production, or delays causing you to miss critical deadlines. However, none of these really show you the big picture.

For total visibility and to create a single source of truth, companies look to a software integration like an ERP integration. With a CRM ERP integration, for instance, your business operates out of one system while allowing your teams to continue to use their preferred platform to enter information. This creates complete data transparency and the ability to see what is happening at the macro level.

Unfortunately, not all integrations are created equal. While some applications promise accurate reporting, they force you to wait for data to update. When data doesn’t update in a timely manner, the “stale” data will confuse teams and cause them to make decisions based on bad information. This is both expensive and frustrating for everyone involved.

Fortunately, Unity: Integration by Datix was designed for fast, accurate reporting. Here are a few ways reliable reporting from our Unity integration can transform your organization.

Reporting Capabilities for the Job at Hand

Throughout your organization, employees need to report information constantly. Quality needs to make inspection notes, Sales needs to keep track of interactions with potential customers, Finance needs to stay on top of invoices and expenses. There is a lot of data involved and each of these pieces needs to be inputted in a logical, consistent manner. Your staff also need to understand how to report data and do it easily if your organization is going to be successful.

With Unity, you can have your team use the right system for the job at hand. This means that Engineering can use an ERP interface, which is designed to handle complex notes and even diagram uploads, while Sales can use a CRM and its intuitive customer management system. Your teams are happy because they are using the platform that they are familiar with, while you gain a 360-degree view of your organization. Operate out of one system with Unity.

Rigid, Strict Controls

Being rigid sounds like a bad thing, but for data management, it isn’t. If you allow free reign over how information is entered into your system, then you will continue to face data inconsistencies. With Unity, you can utilize the strict controls of an ERP to require that data is inputted to align with your business processes. This includes setting required fields and acceptable parameters for added information (such as requiring that only numbers within a certain range are inputted into a specific field).

When these rigid controls are in place for all data entered into your system, then you can be confident in the reliability of your information. In addition, there will no longer be the excuse that work cannot be completed because of lack of data. When you choose a Unity integration, not only do we set up your data controls exactly how you want them, but we also fully manage your integration for you. This means you can spend time maximizing your business while we take care of all the behind-the-scenes monitoring and updating. Talk to an expert about Unity.

Automated Alerts

There is a lot to keep track of at an organization. Workers, manager, and leadership all need to be notified when certain things happen so they can take the appropriate action. This could be as simple as having an inspector review an item that comes in, or as complex as managing a recall.

Expecting employees to verbally communicate critical information all the time isn’t feasible or time effective. Instead, have your system automatically send out alerts to the right people. By being notified, staff will be able to respond right away when something happens. These alerts can go out across departments so teams can simultaneously react in coordination with each other. With Unity, you can trust that your automated alerts, and our system in general, won’t let you down. As a scalable solution that has already processed over 350 million records, our application can handle whatever you need. Learn more about Unity.

Wrap Up

When it comes to uniting your organization, don’t get beaten by data integration challenges. Take advantage of Unity to ensure that you have accurate, timely reporting with Datix. We take a business-first approach with each of our clients to learn what you need, what you are best at, and how we can help.

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