5 Reasons to Consider Epicor 10

Epicor ERP 10 5 Reasons to Consider Epicor 10

Epicor Software and Datix (an Epicor partner), have been hard at work updating their ERP (enterprise resource planning) software offerings. We are excited to announce the newest version: Epicor 10. The brand new installation of the powerful enterprise resource planning software.

What makes Epicor 10 so powerful?

Five Reasons Epicor 10 is powerful

  • Collaboration – Epicor ERP powers the business conversations that drive innovation
  • Choice – Epicor ERP delivers the ultimate choice and flexibility
  • Responsive – Ease of use gets employees productive quickly for immediate time to value
  • Simplicity – Simplified user experience for everyone in the organization
  • Mobility – Designed for the way we work today – anytime, anywhere, on any device

See our virtual tour and get full insights into Epicor 10.

Epicor has improved upon and revamped its classic ERP software to make it even more user-friendly. We find the mobility component to be particularly useful for plant and shop-floor activities. For example, if shop floor personnel use an iPad, they will now have access to design, shipment, orders, materials, scheduling or whichever other modules you deem necessary. Your sales team will even be able to pull up customer order histories while out on client visits. This brings the software to you and allows you to use your information effectively.

The new Window-esque dashboards are the most user-friendly that Epicor has ever produced, and early reviews are very good.

Questions about Epicor or Epicor 10? We are more than happy to assist you. Contact us anytime.

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