5 Manufacturing Technology Trends in 2015

Manufacturing Technology

There are few things technology is affecting more than modern manufacturing in the United States. The development of new software and processes has lead to unprecedented growth and practice evolution. In the above infographic we’ve compiled some of the trends occurring right now; as it relates to new manufacturing technology.

The graphic includes data that suggests the following…

  • An expected 5.6% net increase in revenue for manufacturing companies in 2015
  • A 3.5% increase in manufacturing growth this year
  • The global mass adoption of the SMAC stack
  • An estimated 83.7% bump in manufacturing capacity for 2015
  • Nearly 1 million manufacturing technology and engineering jobs are expected to become available in the next 7 years
  • Manufacturing production is slowly moving closer and closer to demand to allow for rapid economic changes
  • An expected rise of 8.2% is “high tech” manufacturing
  • Manufacturing job increases in excess of 2 million in 2015
  • A 7.8% increase in manufacturing equipment expenditures
  • An evolving attitude around software in manufacturing technology circles

In our world, manufacturing technology centers around ERP. We work with clients everyday to implement, customize, and model their Epicor ERP system to adapt to an ever changing marketplace. In the last 4 years we’ve noticed a marked shift in the way clients expect technology to assist them with their processes. Automation has gone from a nice-to-have to a necessity. As manufacturing technology develops we expect this landscape to quickly evolve along with it. We expect to hear clients ask for more automation, more dynamic practices, and to implement more modules that assist with niche functions of their business.

For more information on how Datix helps clients sculpt Epicor ERP to fit their business practices contact us today.

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