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With Datix Unity, integration to connect all of your most-used enterprise software is affordable, rapidly deployable, and fully managed.

Datix Unity is a pre-built and highly customizable enterprise connector that delivers seamless integration between ERP, CRM, e-Commerce, Marketing Automation Software, a parent ERP system, and other enterprise software.

Why Datix Unity: Enterprise Integration (ERP, CRM, BI, And More)

Unity by Datix is a solution that can be deployed with no on-site installation, no hardcoding, and no ongoing maintenance. With minimal impact to your technical resources, your enterprise systems can be used normally while Unity passes data behind the scenes so your end-users can see everything in one place. 

Unity: affordable, Fully Managed, web-based Integration service

We use scheduled processing or real-time data transfer to diversify the way you can receive your data. This includes your ability to choose between cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-on-premises, or on-premises-to-on-premises synchronization so that your data is processed in a way that is best for your current system. Unity maps the custom fields using our online integration service program so that the data being passed is the data you need to see. 

Datix can do this for you, or train your team to take over. We can then hand off maintenance of your platform, or keep track of it for you. Web access gives your technical staff the ability to troubleshoot, access detailed mappings, and view records of data transfers anywhere in the world. Our managed integration service requires no new login credentials or interface installation because it is a fully managed, web-based service through Datix. 

Basic mappings between your systems can be complete in as little as one day and fully integrated systems take no longer than three weeks. Achieve critical data synchronization affordably. Unity integration is the lowest priced managed enterprise connector on the market. Rapidly connect software solutions with minimal additional investment. Popular connections include: CloudSuite Industrial, Syteline, Epicor, Epicor Kinetic ERP, Prophet 21, BisTrack, Saleforce, Magento, SAP, Eloqua, Exact Target, Excel, GoToWebinar, Hubspot, Marketo, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft D365 CE, On24, PeopleSoft, Silverpop, and more… Use your enterprise systems normally while Datix Unity passes data behind the scenes using web-based synchronization. 

Datix is an industry-leading ERP and CRM integration solution implementer. We understand both sides of the enterprise integration challenge, and have almost 20 years of experience in working with clients and helping them become truly connected enterprises.

Looking for a ready-to-implement solution for Epicor Kinetic ERP? SyteLine and CloudSuite? Salesforce or D365 CE CRM?

Check out Datix Unity! You are provided all of the customization your operations require all in our pre-built Unity integration.

Our pre-built connectors support several popular software platforms including; Infor SyteLine and CloudSuite Industrial ERP, all Epicor ERP versions including Epicor Kinetic ERP, Salesforce, Dynamics 365 CE, Prophet 21, Magento, Jet Analytics, and others. The connector allows any organization to connect these software with any other enterprise software.

Unity integration also allows your business to add new features related to marketing, finances, and IT that simply could not exist without it. By integrating your enterprise software or e-commerce platform, you can save time and money wasted on dual entries, cumbersome processes, and improve efficiency all across your organization. You’ll have a total top-down 360 degree view of your business and all your clients potential and past interactions. Imagine the power of that kind of data!

Datix Unity integration for on-prem SyteLine, cloud-based CloudSuite Industrial, and Epicor Kinetic provides integration in a pre-built, easy to implement enterprise connector for organizations of all sizes and complexities. ERP for small business, marketing automation, parent ERP, e-commerce, and CRM integration for your business couldn’t be any easier.

How Does It Work?

Datix Unity is a no-code software connector accessed via a web interface. Unity integration maps a set of standard and custom fields between your systems; enabling critical data transfer. Fields include customer orders, account details, quotes, shipments and more. Unity by Datix allows for custom field mapping to tailor the integration to your business case, and can be applied to many different types of enterprise software or existing systems. We can also aid in upgrading current software before you might want to integrate. Simply contact us today or fill out the form above for pricing and demo info and get started on the road to becoming the interconnected enterprise of the future!

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