Finding The Right Financial Services ERP For Your Business

Businesses working in the financial services sector need ERP software that can keep up with their unique processes and keep them competitive in what can be an unpredictable market. The crucial goal of any kind of project management software should be maintaining your bottom line. Achieving profitability in the financial services sector starts with efficiency, project transparency, and legislative compliance. That’s why strong financial services ERP is critical to your business and its ability to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive market.

Datix recognizes the importance of finding the perfect financial services ERP for your business. Epicor® is designed to help businesses increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs by creating a single nexus for process management and streamlining all operations. Although the platform can be applied to a wide range of markets and industries, they have a dedicated commitment to their financial services clients, demonstrated by their specialized Financial Management Suite. The software’s project management capabilities provide businesses a comprehensive closed-loop solution that supports the key supporting structures of financial services ERP software. Epicor® has developed software for accounting and financial services, credit union, and title management for those doing business in credit union, banking, investment, insurance, brokerage, title, and other similar services institutions.

Key Epicor® Features for Financial Services ERP

  • Connect with your customers.
  • Account for and streamline your financial operations with financial accounting software.
  • Manage front, middle and back office data integration.
  • Budget, procure and manage your costs efficiently.
  • Analyze and gain insight into your performance.

Keeping Pace in a Volatile Financial Market

Perhaps more than any other market, the financial services world requires your business to be constantly in-the-know. Solid decision making requires timely, accurate data and a secure place to access it. Epicor® ERP can provide that for your company. It can also integrate your operations across front, middle and back office operations into a single ledger environment. Every single stakeholder will be able to make data-driven decisions and understand the motivation behind company moves.

The nature of your market means that periods of growth can come quickly and on an unpredictable scale. Epicor® Financial Services is designed to support businesses liable to swift growth with a scalable and modular design. The modules provide a 360-degree view of your processes and your customer, including consolidated sales, invoices, and payment history. Intuitive dashboards can take in this information, consolidate it with market trends and help your employees take actions that help your customer, cut waste, and grow profits. What kind of financial services company would say no to that kind of in-depth information and insight?

Why Use Datix and Epicor® for Your Financial Services ERP

Financial services projects need a closed-loop solution that is totally transparent and keeps everyone on a project on the same page. Losing track of your expenses, resources, or employees at any point during a project is unacceptable. General estimates just won’t cut it when it comes to the availability of your resources or your pricing during the bidding process. That’s how a business makes promises it can’t keep, or allocates their employees and time inefficiently. Those are the kinds of mistakes that lose customers and in an industry full of tenacious competition you simply can’t afford that.

Epicor® ERP allows your business total transparency through every stage and department of any job. The project management module gives you a clearer understanding of your costs with just one platform. You’ll have a step up on the competition and can bid and win new business with accuracy and assurance. The new-found flexibility will also enable your business to keep up with what can often be quickly changing regulations.

Datix knows that Epicor® is an ideal fit for financial services ERP. That’s why we are certified Gold Partners of the platform, and we’ve helped countless businesses across the market implement the enterprise software properly. We can help design the right dashboards and processes that your business needs from ERP and train your employees on the best practices so that you know you are getting the most from your software investment. We are also up-to-date on the latest regulations and industry requirements and ready to shape your ERP in line with those guidelines.

Get in contact with us today to learn how we can equip you with a top-notch financial services ERP system.

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