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Electronics Manufacturing ERP and CRM Software Solutions

Producing innovative and complex electronic products while keeping costs down and profits up is no easy task. In such a rapidly modernizing market, the combined pressures of competition, costs and the necessary precision needed by electronics manufacturers can often become overwhelming. With all these day-to-day considerations to make in your electronics manufacturing business, you shouldn’t have to worry about the software that pulls it all together. That’s our job.

At Datix, we create customized enterprise solutions and processes for businesses just like yours. Implementing software successfully into complex manufacturing environments is our specialty. Over the years, we’ve built revolutionary integration tools through consulting with the world’s best ERP and CRM software vendors. We hire the brightest experts in the manufacturing software industry and put them at your disposal so that you can select and implement the best possible enterprise system for your electronics manufacturing company. We build your software around your business like no one else can, and you will be able to see the results of this level of care and customization straight away.

What We Do

Datix specializes in manufacturing ERP and CRM implementations and integrations, from the big-picture selection process right down to the details that are required in your process. That means we have honed a careful knowledge of the software and customizations necessary to support the unique needs of an electronics manufacturing company. From inventory management modules to lean production scheduling functionality, we can help you build the kind of software solution that will make your employees wonder why you waited so long to implement an ERP and CRM system.

As Epicor Platinum Partners, we have the expertise to help you choose the ERP system that is right for your business. ERP and CRM have key strengths and weaknesses, but both are built to monitor your entire business from raw materials to distribution of your finished product. When you sync your ERP system with CRM software, you create a single source of truth that improves efficiency and customer satisfaction. Unity, Datix’s premier software integration platform, connects CRM and ERP (as well as various other software platforms) to build an interconnected enterprise that reduces waste and offers clients’ comprehensive insight onto the shop floor. Because each business is unique, the ideal enterprise software will look different every time we implement a solution. Our consulting is tailored towards this flexibility as we listen to you to ensure that every business process is fully supported in your manufacturing operations.

Whether it’s system selection or post go-live challenges, Datix helps you at all stages of your software journey. We prove the solution works before go-live day and then help you train and support your staff around efficient processes and best practices.  After 20 years of experience, we know this is the best way to do business and believe you will too.

Transforming Business Through Software

Our Electronics Manufacturing ERP and CRM software solutions will help your business:

  • Enforce lean production principles with automation and waste reduction modules
  • Control every aspect of your internal logistics with an integrated supply chain management system that includes closer collaboration with suppliers and distributors
  • Monitor, in real time, your process and production capacities with efficient manufacturing execution systems
  • Trace your products from shop floor to store floor—with the ability to attach barcodes to items to maintain quality control
  • Gather production data to reduce wait times and enact preventative maintenance

Contact us when you’re ready to start or simply have a few questions. We’re happy to help with your manufacturing software goals and challenges. Follow us on Twitter  and LinkedIn for the latest updates in the enterprise software world and more information on how software can transform your manufacturing processes!

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