Implementing Fastener Distribution ERP Software That Works

To keep up with the competition, fastener distributors need specialized capabilities from their distribution software. There is no typical day-to-day in the fastener industry—one hour might consist of serving contractors, the next servicing products for homeowners, or shipping your goods across the country. Most fastener distribution companies will have processes that might not be accommodated by just any ERP platform. For example, supporting complex job management, including change orders, deliveries, progress payments and inventory tracking are a necessity for your fastener distribution ERP software. Datix can help your business gain such a platform with Prophet 21, a distribution ERP solution from Epicor® that automates and supports those kinds of processes that you need to carry out every single day.

With leading fastener distributors, including Falcon Metals, All Fasteners, Wurth Supply, Quality Screw, and Nut, Tower Fasteners, Tropic Fasteners, Field Fastener Supply, and many more using an Epicor® solution, Epicor® is dedicated to serving the technology needs of the fastener industry.

Here at Datix, we are experts in Epicor® installations specifically for manufacturers and distributors. The platform has a robust tool belt of capabilities that can handle all the challenges businesses in the market face. Some of the key functionalities and modules that Prophet 21 can provide for companies specifically in the fastener distribution industry include:

  • Secondary processing (plating and rework)
  • Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Lot/bin integration and control
  • Landed cost tracking
  • Varying units of measure
  • Unlimited item details
  • Vessel and container tracking
  • Contract management
  • Wireless warehouse management
  • Tagging
  • Lot traceability
  • Revision tracking

Best-in-Class Processes for Fastener Distribution ERP

Prophet 21 is built with functionality designed not only to address the distinctive requirements of your business but also to help you increase sales, improve customer service, and reduce operating costs. Many of the ERP modules can be built to power the unique needs and tasks of your industry. For example, Lot Billing allows you to handle large projects for contractors that may ask for their fastening material in stages—and to pay for it as they receive it. Prophet 21 enables you to first deliver and bill the contractor for rough-in materials, then invoice and deliver the finished goods later on. It also allows you to quote prices for either the entire lot or for the individual finished goods, giving you more control over your pricing and preventing your customers from shopping around and pricing goods individually.

Prophet 21’s front counter capabilities also allow your fastener distribution enterprise to handle the face-to-face business with customers and electricians. You can help any customer on the spot at your front counter by accessing your entire inventory from the Order Entry screen, offering a price, placing the order, then accepting payment, or recording the transaction for invoicing. Also, you can apply any cash or credit card deposits against an order—avoiding the accounting nightmares of placing a customer’s money in an envelope or keeping financial information on a list near the register. Not only will the functionality save your fastener distribution business money, but it can also improve interaction with valued customers.

Why Datix for Fastener Distribution ERP

Prophet 21 can truly make your life as a fastener distributor easier. However, it won’t be able to do that straight out of the box. While Epicor does specialize in manufacturing and distribution solutions, by nature its solutions aren’t built to specialize in specific verticals right away—it needs to be able to cater to its wide range of customers in the manufacturing and distribution world. That’s why your company needs a specialist with in-depth knowledge both of Prophet 21, and of your industry needs, to implement an ERP solution that has the capabilities to support electrical distribution. That includes dealing with the complex inventories and a wide range of customers that are inherent to the market.

Datix has almost 20 years of experience with Epicor solutions. Our expert consultants have helped many businesses from all industries—across manufacturing and distribution—implement ERP that works for them. We know what fastener distribution needs to look like, and how to customize each instance so they support your unique business processes. Whether you’d like a helpful ear to talk about the implementation processes or need a partner to help get you through it, get in contact with one of our consultants today. We can help!

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