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Manufacturers in the medical device, equipment and supplies industry face numerous, unique challenges relative to other sectors. Overwhelming regulatory complications, high production costs, slow and expensive R&D, ensuring cybersecurity, supply chain complexities and the rise of counterfeit goods are some of the main obstacles for manufacturers. A preconfigured solution package from Datix can navigate these challenges while establishing clear methods for tackling everything from day-to-day operations to company-wide goals.

Your ERP Solution: Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial)

SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) is powered by Infor specifically for end-to-end manufacturing organizations and is ideally suited for the medical device, equipment and supplies industry. As a cloud-based system, CloudSuite Industrial has the flexibility to manage complexity and the expansion of your business while delivering exceptional customer service, productivity and cost control. As of March 2021, SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) customers saw an: 

  • Increase in project management productivity by 25-30%
  • Decrease in cost of quality/re-work by 9-12%
  • Reduction in employee turnover by 5-10%

How Infor SyteLine (CloudSuite Industrial) Combats your Greatest Challenges

Regulatory Complications

  • Offers adaptable customization to meet current industry standards and regulations
  • Contains in-depth tracking features for auditing and Corrective Action/Preventive Action (CAPA)
  • Includes flexible production dashboards
  • Utilizes paperless systems which simplify security needs

High production Costs

  • Streamlines production tracking with real time capture of when steps are completed and by who
  • Tracks nonconformance issues from the identification to disposal stage, reducing their overall frequency
  • Supports vendor management with Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs) tracking to ensure that
    suppliers are staying below certain failure rates

Slow & Expensive R&D

  • Contains cloud-based collaboration tools to connect disparate clinical systems and consolidate date from
    multiple hospitals or locations
  • Data is updated in real time, speeding up the process


  • Offers industry-leading application, network, infrastructure, and physical security measures as a cloud
  • Includes governance, risk and compliance with the latest security standards
  • Features robust data security and encryption
  • Secures customer data and privacy practices
  • Maximizes uptime through automatic load balancing, redundancy and scaling
  • Comes with rapid incident response

Supply chain Complexities

  • Gains new access to supplier networks to order more efficiently, leading to better overall pricing for components
  • Reduces inventory costs; carries less inventory and utilize working capital more intelligently
  • Improves flexibility; manages part obsolescence with an integrated solution that suppliers can support
  • Frees up capital; improves planning and scheduling to align with production and demand
  • Maintains visibility; improves reporting in the field to access complete material visibility with contextual
  • Retains control; accesses full end-to-end tracking, visibility, and control of configurations
  • Online collaboration portal to connect suppliers up and down the value chain


  • Incorporates quality control systems
  • Full lot and serial traceability for every component of the product from production to sale of goods
  • Includes QA module to monitor consumer satisfaction and preserve brand reputation

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Datix Preconfigured Solution Supports:

Medical Equipment & Supplies Manufacturing
Surgical & Medical Instrument Manufacturing
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Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturing
Dental Equipment & Supplies Manufacturing
Dental Laboratories

Key Features

Extensive Tracking
  • Revision tracking
  • Real-time tracking/history
  • Recall tracking
  • Corrective & Preventive Actions (CAPA) & complaint tracking
Improved Management
  • Vendor management
  • Warehouse & inventory
  • Supplier management;  receiving & inspection for suppliers
Quality Assurance
  • QA module
  • Paperless with DMR printing options
  • Production dashboards
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