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Datix, the premier Epicor ERP consulting business based in St. Louis, MO, is proud to announce an innovative, first-of-its-kind solution for businesses looking for simplified ERP installation: Quick Start Epicor ERP implementations. For a fixed price and a clear schedule, clients can receive a dynamic multi-tenant Epicor ERP instance without the hassle usually associated with enterprise software projects.

Datix will offer two different Epicor ERP Quick Start Implementation packages: one targeted towards manufacturing businesses and another for those in the distribution sector.
In terms of Epicor modules, both packages will include Accounts Payable and Receivable, Business Process Management, Enterprise Search, Estimate Management, Quote Management, Executive Dashboards, General Ledger, Inventory Management, Order Management, Purchasing Management and Shipping and Receiving. Additionally, the manufacturing option will include Single-Level Engineering, Job Management and Scheduling. With a Quick Start implementation, not only will a client receive a single, fixed price, that company will also have a dedicated team of expert Epicor ERP consultants and full transparency.

Candice Evertowski, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Datix, notes that the company’s Quick Start solutions are originals on the ERP market.

“We often come across clients that don’t want to take on the risk of ERP implementation. Whether they’re not sure if they can fit the project in their budget, or don’t want to deal with the hassle of putting together a system, they decide to pass on the transformative software.
That’s why we decided to introduced our Quick Start Epicor ERP implementations. Now, clients know exactly what they are getting when they sign a contract.”

Because the implementations are guaranteed to occur on a swift schedule and under a defined pricing structure, clients will see a higher ROI on their software investments. Customers will know exactly how to allocate their resources. Datix’s Quick Start implementations are the ideal solution for any business looking for a cost controlled and practical solution. Instead of risking investment on ERP software that could run over budget or not fulfill a company’s needs, a Quick Start implementation ensures that an ERP system goes live on time and under budget. A schedule will include fixed times for every stage, like training, testing and roll-out, so project leaders can plan accordingly and ensure that every employee is on the same page and ready to adopt the new ERP software.

Quick Start implementations are designed for cloud-hosted, multi-tenant Epicor ERP. The flexibility and ease of use of cloud ERP software will also help customers maneuver the implementation and go-live stages and achieve greater time to value.
Matt Schuval, CEO at Datix, asserts that the launch of Quick Start implementations keeps Datix firmly at the front line of the Epicor ERP industry.

“Datix has been an industry leader in the Epicor ERP market for many years now,” Schuval noted. “Through our time in the industry, we noticed this glaring hole for customers that needed a more defined and sustainable ERP implementation options. We pride ourselves on providing actual solutions and cutting edge technology to every client. So, we set out to meet this growing need. Datix’s Quick Start Epicor ERP implementations are guaranteed to have a system that works for their business needs, whether it’s a company of five people or 5000.”

Datix’s Epicor ERP Quick Start implementations have launched now and are available for any businesses looking for an easier and more efficient ERP implementation. Get into contact with the consultants at Datix to learn more about the solution and their 20 years of experience in the Epicor ERP market.

About Datix

Datix is a premier software services company based in St. Louis, MO, USA. During our 20 years in operation, we have worked with clients in a wide range of industries. Our unique approach in optimizing business processes through software can be applied to almost any industry, from manufacturing to product distribution. As authorized partners of Epicor, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Magento and Scribe, we specialize in Business Process Management and Enterprise Application solutions, including customizable integration options. Unity is Datix’s pre-built integration solution for ERP, CRM and eCommerce enterprise software, available to connect your software seamlessly without any of the typical errors or bugs that can come with implementation and integration.

Datix also provides a wide range of ERP and CRM support services, business consulting and software development to our clients all over the globe. www.datixinc.com

Datix Media Contact: Candice Evertowski
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
314-962-3466 ext. 1004



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