Unity X

Unity X: Global Currency Exchange Rates For Your ERP

Are you spending countless hours manually entering currency exchange rates into your ERP? Companies that operate across international borders know how valuable it is to have the right currency rate data at their fingertips. Exchange rate errors can be disastrous and cost your business thousands of dollars, making it necessary to develop a foolproof system for using the right currency data every time.

Datix created Unity X, a global currency exchange rate system for Epicor® and Infor ERPs as well as other software systems. Unlike other currency solutions, Unity X is simple, affordable and easy to install. With Unity X, you know that your currency exchange rate system will reliably support currencies around the globe.

An Automated Currency Management Solution
Built for You

Unity X offers an automated ERP solution for seeing up-to-date exchange rates in your enterprise system. Using data sourced from XE.com, the world’s trusted currency authority for live exchange rates, our development team created a streamlined API implementation that syncs currency data directly into multi-currency ERP modules.

With Unity X, your exchange rates are updated programmatically every single day or at the frequency and schedule of your choice.

The ERP Currency Solution You Can Count On

 Unity X provides the best exchange rate solution to eliminate manual data entry. The best part: Unity X only takes a couple of hours to install and deploy!

The Unity X currency exchange integration is indispensable for manufacturers and distributors operating across international borders and multiple currencies. Unity X works with users of Infor, Epicor® 9 and 10 (Kinetic), select other platforms and for on-site and multi-tenant clients alike. API technology means that the application is hosted in the cloud and that it can be easily installed with no disruption to your current ERP system. We can even customize the platform to suit your unique business needs.

Get in touch with the Epicor®, Infor and other software integration experts at Datix today to learn more about Unity X! 

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