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ST. LOUISSept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As part of its strategy for continuous improvement, Datix onboarded new business analysts, an integration system specialist and a marketing manager this year. The recent hires have already contributed substantially to the premier enterprise software consulting firm which offers ERPCRMeCommerce and integration solutions under one roof.

Datix New Hires

From left to right: Tyler Bolte, Matt Kohler, Elizabeth Van Pelt, Ryan Bernacki and Marie Bowman

Tyler BolteMatt Kohler and Elizabeth Van Pelt all joined Datix earlier this year as business analysts. Business analysts serve a critical role in keeping projects on track and ensuring software solutions align with each client’s needs. They manage day-to-day responsibilities to bring software projects to the finish line.

Tyler Bolte previously worked in retail management, where he gained insight into critical business processes, such as supply chain management and distribution. This experience gave him a sophisticated understanding of the user’s perspective. His most recent position required him to travel the country to provide software training to eyecare offices. There, he learned how to help businesses transition to new systems and gained the ability to effectively address user concerns.

Bolte came to Datix to challenge himself: “Every day I come to work excited to tackle new projects. I strive to continue to grow with the company, taking on more responsibilities and ensuring our clients receive quality solutions that optimize business performance.”

Matt Kohler was similarly attracted to Datix’s exciting work environment: “I never know what each day will bring. This position pushes me to continuously grow and learn to help clients get past any trial that comes their way and maximize the value of their software.”

Kohler arrived at Datix with an extensive background in project management and data analysis. His experience in extracting valuable insight from big data and working with clients enables him to ensure that software solutions provide opportunities for business growth. Kohler has already assisted several clients with their software projects and played a key role in a successful Salesforce and Epicor® integration for Euclid Systems Corporation, a contact lens manufacturer.

The most recent business analyst to join the team is Elizabeth Van Pelt. In her previous positions as a project manager and purchasing manager, Van Pelt worked with Epicor, becoming an expert in the software. In less than a month, she has passed her training and taken on tasks to keep clients happy and help projects maintain momentum.

“My goal is to expand on my knowledge of Epicor while becoming more proficient on our other platforms,” states Van Pelt. “By staying on top of industry trends, my colleagues and I will be able to advance our solutions and provide optimal service to clients.”

Datix CEO Matt Schuval is proud to welcome the new members of the business analyst team: “At Datix, we pride ourselves on delivering all-encompassing services and solutions to manufacturing and distribution clients. With these new hires, we’re expanding our software expertise and dedicating more attention to each client to make every project a success.”

In addition to its new business analysts, Datix introduced Ryan Bernacki to its team of integration system specialists. Integration system specialists work closely with clients to install and maintain integrations. Software integration is a specialty of Datix. Unity, its pre-built integration solution, connects Epicor seamlessly with an array of systems, including CRM, eCommerce and marketing automation software.

Bernacki has an extensive IT background in desktop support, hardware and software repair, server administration and programming and database work. “I was mostly drawn to Datix’s inviting atmosphere,” states Bernacki. “We’re constantly working together to further our software expertise and provide the best solutions to manufacturers and distributors.”

Earlier this month, Datix also welcomed Marie Bowman as the new marketing manager. Bowman previously served as the digital content director at a television news station. There, Bowman managed all digital content and social media, oversaw a team of over 20 people and maintained the website. As the Datix marketing manager, Bowman will contribute her digital content and management experience to maximize the marketing department’s efficiency and leverage analytics to strengthen the performance of content and collateral.

Candice Evertowski, Datix’s Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, has already witnessed improvements in the short time Bowman has worked at the consulting firm: “Her efforts to refine the department’s organization and messaging have already paid off. By enhancing the reach and quality of our content, she has helped more companies discover our excellent solutions and gain insight into the importance of leveraging enterprise software for business optimization.”

Bowman’s passion for technology drove her to Datix: “There’s no denying the influence of technology and software on our lives and businesses. I’m impressed by Datix’s constant innovation and commitment to its clients. My goal is to spread the word about the transformative power of our enterprise solutions.”

As Datix expands its team, it hopes to also reach the needs of more clients and enhance its solutions, furthering its reputation as a leading enterprise software consulting firm.

About Datix

Datix is a premier software services company based in St. Louis. During our 20 years in operation, we have worked with clients in a wide range of industries. Our unique approach to optimizing business processes through software can be applied to almost any industry, from discrete manufacturing to product distribution. Besides being an Epicor Platinum Partner, we are also a certified partner with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM as well as a Magento expert. Datix specializes in Business Process Management and Enterprise Application Solutions, including customizable integration options. Unity is Datix’s pre-built integration solution for ERP, CRM and eCommerce enterprise software, available to connect your solution seamlessly without any of the normal errors or bugs that can come with integration.

Datix also provides a wide range of ERP, CRM and eCommerce support services, business consulting and software development to clients around the globe. Contact Datix today to learn more about our enterprise software solutions.

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