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ST. LOUISOct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — A premier enterprise software consulting firm based out of St. Louis, Datix has answered to the needs of manufacturers and distributors for over 20 years. Its Unity integration solution, for example, seamlessly connects Epicor ERP® with front-end software to power end-to-end visibility and streamline processes for clients. However, manufacturers and distributors craved greater visibility into orders. To solve this issue, Datix introduced a new feature in its Unity solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM: Unity Order Tracker.

Unity Datix CRM ERP Integration

“When a customer asks about the status of an order, sales and customer service departments need to immediately find the answer in their CRM interface. Instead, they end up digging into multiple places throughout Epicor, causing customers to grow impatient,” claims Datix COO Jessica Staley. “Our Unity Order Tracker fills this gap by ensuring front offices have accurate, in-depth order statuses at their fingertips.”

The Unity Order Tracker pulls information from Epicor to illustrate where orders are on the shop floor or when orders are scheduled for pickup. This information is automatically compiled and delivered to Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics 365. Inside the CRM instance, users can view a tracker which shows the order’s percent of completion. The tracker is red when an order is late and green when it’s expected to arrive on time.

“If you’ve recently ordered a pizza online, you get the gist of the new Unity feature,” explains Datix CEO Matt Schuval. “Some pizza chains include visual trackers on their websites that show you the exact stage of your order, from preparation to delivery. Similarly, the Unity Order Tracker provides a visual representation of an order status, making it simple to interpret.”

“We wanted the feature to be as easy to use as possible,” continues Candice Evertowski, Datix’s Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer. “For example, a sales rep can instantly notice not just that an order is late but that it’s 95 percent complete and scheduled for delivery. Right from your CRM instance, you can see where an order is and when buyers can expect it at their door. This powerfully enhances front-end efficiency and visibility.”

The Unity Order Tracker is useful for distributors and an array of discrete manufacturers, such as MTS, MTO and ETO businesses. The latest feature is included as part of any new Unity installation. Current Unity users can email Datix to ask that it be added to their solution.

About Datix

Datix is a premier software services company based in St. Louis. During our 20 years in operation, we have worked with clients in a wide range of industries. Our unique approach to optimizing business processes through software can be applied to almost any industry, from discrete manufacturing to product distribution. Besides being an Epicor Platinum Partner, we are also a certified partner with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce CRM as well as a Magento expert. Datix specializes in Business Process Management and Enterprise Application Solutions, including customizable integration options. Unity is Datix’s pre-built integration solution for ERP, CRM and eCommerce enterprise software, available to connect your solution seamlessly without any of the normal errors or bugs that can come with integration.

Datix also provides a wide range of ERP, CRM and eCommerce support services, business consulting and software development to clients around the globe. Contact Datix today to learn more about our enterprise software solutions.

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Datix Media Contact: Candice Evertowski
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
314.962.3466 x 1004


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