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Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Epicor Integration

Align Microsoft Dynamics 365 key systems with your Kinetic ERP (new name for Epicor)

Easily Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Epicor® ERP

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Epicor® integration can provide powerful changes to your business almost instantly. Imagine your sales reps being able to access critical inventory info through their mobile, or being able to plan your manufacturing schedule around planned future demand. With our flagship product, Unity, you can have all of that! Unity for Dynamics 365 is a managed integration service that allows direct communication and seamless integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Epicor® through web-based data sharing! What is the result? An affordable, rapidly deployable Dynamics 365 and Epicor® integration solution. Now you can maximize your investments in Epicor® and Microsoft Dynamics 365 software by giving your management up-to-date, synced business data, accessible in new ways, and on new devices.

Why Unity — Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Epicor® Integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Epicor® integration is a powerful way to streamline processes while saving valuable time and resources within your business. We have encountered many clients looking to quickly and affordably connect their Epicor® data with their fundamental contact information from their CRM. This is why Datix offers a pre-built managed Unity app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Epicor® integration. The synthesis of the two couldn’t be easier.

Now a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE integration is possible for Epicor® ERP users who want real-time information from their Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE system and vice versa.  This continual transfer of data between your ERP system and CRM integration allows for deeper insights into customer buying habits, accounting data, shipping information, and many other key functions, with no coding or platform visible to your end-user. Only the incredibly valuable shared data integration passing through our Unity software connector. No more wasting time, dropped clients and most importantly no more dual-entries!

Datix is certified Dynamics 365 CE integration partners with extensive experience providing these integrations to manufacturing industry sectors and value-added distributors. Our consultants and developers built Unity connector to leverage the power of your systems to fit your unique business processes and needs.

Why Unity for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Epicor®?

The Datix team has been helping businesses integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Epicor® for the past several years, and has parlayed that experience into an affordable managed solution. Our products are pre-built connection platforms that simply allow data to go from one system to another seamlessly and easily.

Our Unity application is managed by an expert team. That means once you purchase the app that you will always be operating on the most up to date version. Any changes or updates that are made will be seamlessly transferred to your product ensuring that you have the most up-to-date features and optimizations. We also take care of customer service and support for all of our Unity products. This means that an expert consultant is available to assist with any questions regarding the application—something going wrong with your connection, or just have a question about an update? We’re on the other end of the phone ready to help.


Bridge the gap between your CRM and ERP software with Unity Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Epicor® integration. Don’t let a slow communication error cost you a sale. Fast start and quick deploy managed integration service.

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Datix UNITY for Microsoft 365

Unity: Easy Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Epicor® Integration

Find out just how easy a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE and Epicor versions integration can be by contacting us and getting a demo set up! Unity requires no coding – only configuration – leading to to installations that can be implemented in no time at all.  Keep your users happy by eliminating the need to input CRM data into your ERP database, and avoid the inherent human error that can go in hand-in-hand with required double entry of client data.

Unity is an easy choice to unleash the power of ERP synced with personalized customer data from Dynamics 365 CE. Quite simply, it is the only quality integration tool worth trusting your business with on the marketplace today.

What Will It Cost?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Epicor® integration is simple for us, and we try and make it the same for you. We’ve pre-built the platform, and left room for you to customize your own Microsoft Dynamics 365 Epicor® integration to suit your unique business processes. We’ve organized a method of purchase that allows organizations to create a completely custom experience, receive expert help and support, and only pay for what they need/use. Unity is the most cost-effective solution for this kind of integration on the market. Contact our team to receive information about standardized pricing for the app! Our experts can also discuss possible customizations you’re looking for and give you price estimates tailored to your needs.

Why Epicor® ERP?

Kinetic ERP (new name for Epicor) is a system that masters the complexities of running a large-scale manufacturing, distribution, or retail business. Cindy Jutras, vice president and group director at Aberdeen, wrote in a recent Market Alert, “While other ERP vendors have announced similar strategies, Epicor® is the first to deliver on its promise of convergence while also extending functionality and promising ‘ERP Everywhere’ and ‘Business without Barriers’.”

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CE makes business personal by offering better sales and sophisticated customer care. “CRM today should be an enabler that detects trends, facilitates decisions and suggests actions that lead to successful outcomes and relationships,” said Bob Stutz, corporate vice president of Microsoft Dynamics 365. “This major new release delivers on this promise of customer centricity by bringing together Microsoft technologies in a way that helps businesses and organizations better engage and nurture their customers.” Learn more Microsoft Dynamics 365

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