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Reasons to Upgrade to Epicor 10: Engineering

    Reasons to Upgrade to Epicor 10: Engineering In part one of our newest series of posts centered around the many reasons businesses should consider an upgrade to Epicor, we covered the application’s agility and ease of use when it comes to production manufacturing. In second first part, we’re…

Salesforce and Epicor Integration: What’s Stopping You?

Why You Need Salesforce and Epicor Integration Salesforce and Epicor are two of the most talked about giants in their respective software corners, providing CRM and ERP solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. As certified partners of both vendors, we have extensive experience with each system and often…

The Five Questions You Need to Ask Your Epicor Consultant

The Questions You Need to Ask Every Epicor Consultant So, you’ve finally selected the ERP software you’re going to implement, where to host it, and convinced everyone else of the long list of benefits that that system will provide your company. It’s all smooth sailing after that, right? Probably not….

Epicor 10 Cloud ERP Could Be What Your Business Needs

  Why Epicor 10 Cloud ERP Could Be What Your Business Needs As more and more of the technology and software industry have been turning to the cloud, the world of Enterprise Resource Planning has been slower to catch up. In fact, the majority of ERP instances for manufacturing companies…

Epicor SSRS Report Setup and Overview

Epicor SSRS Report Setup and Overview As a leading Epicor consultant for the mid market, we’ve noticed that a lot of Epicor customers have recently reached out to us regarding Epicor SSRS reports. As with any new system, Epicor 10 has some great new innovations; however there are always new…

Upgrading Epicor Software Version 10

Upgrading Epicor Software to Version 10 There are a lot of benefits to upgrading Epicor software to the new Epicor version 10. We’ve actually covered those previously, and are quite confident that Epicor does as good of a job as anyone selling the benefits of doing so. The question we…

Costs and Options Epicor Version 10

Costs and Options Epicor Version 10 If you’re an Epicor user, there’s a good chance you’ve been considering moving to Epicor version 10. At this point, you are faced with a crucial decision: do you upgrade or re-implement? The wrong choice will cost you. With nearly 90 percent of technology projects…

Call Business Objects From BPM Using 4GL/ABL Code

Call Business Objects From BPM Using 4GL/ABL Code Interested in how to progress 4GL/ABL code to call Epicor business objects from a BPM? Good, we thought you might be. Below is the source code that you can insert to automate Epicor business processes. Here is the source. {Bpm/Bpm.i &OBJECT_NAME=UD08 }…

Expediting Time and Expense Entry

You may have been in a similar situation to one of our clients who relied heavily on time cards. With several hundred employees and multiple divisions, they were searching by employee name and code to complete time entry. This was slowing down the accounts payable manager tremendously. We created a Quick Search, Filter and screen customization in Epicor. Follow these steps and you will be able to perform time entry for the entire batch of employees.

Refreshing a Service Reference to Update Metadata Information

A popular way to extend Epicor is by the use of its WCF Services. Service endpoints, for example CustomerService.svc, are used to generate metadata for the entity that you plan on working with.

5 Easy Microsoft SQL Queries for Epicor Data Validation

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analytics-tablet-desk1For those of you those managing uploads, troubleshooting data errors, or validating data after an upload, there is a lot of value in being able to view this data in MS SQL. For this tech tip, our business analyst will show you some very simple queries that will allow you to view your data in different ways.

Autoset Lock Date and/or Lock Qty CheckBoxes for new PO Releases in Epicor 9

Have you ever wanted to have the Lock Date or Lock Qty check boxes automatically checked when new PO Releases are created? It’s possible using a Data Directive BPM on the PORel table. Find out how in this informative Epicor tech tip.

How to Look up Values Behind a Static List

How to Look up Values Behind a Static List – Epicor 9 For this Epicor tech tip, I wanted to show you how to look up the values behind a static list  I found this useful when working in  Epicor 9.05 and you need to pass a code value from…

How to Upload Data using Epicor DMT

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Epicor DMT (Data Management Tool) is an upload tool developed by Epicor. It is ideal for any Epicor ERP user who wants to upload data directly into Epicor. You may be migrating your data from a previous version of Epicor or to Epicor for the first time from another system.